Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Wang Xianfeng

Associate Professor, Asian School of the Environment

Assoc Prof Wang Xianfeng

Xianfeng WANG is a Nanyang Assistant Professor at the Division of Earth Sciences, the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. He is also appointed as a Principal Investigator with the Climate Change group at the Earth Observatory of Sciences. He obtained his B.A. and M.S. degrees in Earth Sciences at Nanjing University in China and received a Ph.D. in 2006 from the University of Minnesota, US. Prior to joining NTU, he was a postdoctoral research fellow at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, and held a position as a research associate at the University of Minnesota. Xianfeng was recently awarded a Singapore NRF Fellowship.
Research Interests
Climate Science
Isotope Geochemistry
Ocean Chemistry
Current Projects
  • 2,000-Year Hydroclimate History Of Myanmar: A Perspective From Highly Resolved Cave Carbonates
  • Anthropogenic lead in the atmosphere - Isotopes for source apportionment
  • Atmospheric Organic Aerosol In The Changing Environment Of Southeast Asia
  • Ba Isotope
  • Indian monsoon variability
  • Investigating Holocene changes in the South American Monsoon System with an isotope enabled climate model
  • Investigating triple oxygen isotopes in precipitation over Southeast Asia
  • Large Scale Weather Dynamics During 2015 Haze Period In Singapore
  • Late Quaternary moisture isotopic fractionation and Asian monsoon dynamics
  • Myanmar Speleothem
  • Quantifying Asian monsoon changes during the Late Quaternary by using triple oxygen isotopes in speleothems
  • Tools for Managing Tropical Peatlands and Controlling Haze in Southeast Asia
  • Tracing Early Trading in Singapore Using Geochemical Fingerprints and Artificial Intelligence on Archaeological Artefacts
  • Tracking Hydro-Climate Variation In The Tropical Indo-Pacific With Highly Resolved Cave Records
  • Tracking Hydro-Climate Variation in the Tropical Indo-Pacific with Highly Resolved cave Records
Selected Publications
  • Anandh GOPAL, Andrew MITCHELL, Joanne LIM, Aron MELTZNER, Andrew CHAN, Gina SARKAWI, Jennifer WEIL-ACCARDO, Kathrine MAXWELL, Tsai-Luen YU, Chuan-Chou SHEN, Shou-Yeh GONG, Ke LIN, Xianfeng WANG, Peter PARHAM, Noelynna RAMOS. (2020). A Preliminary Relative Sea-level History from Fossil Corals at Cabugao, Ilocos Sur, Philippines. Asia Oceania Geosciences Society.
  • Xinnan LI, Joanne LIM, Anandh GOPAL, Andrew MITCHELL, Gina SARKAWI, Aron MELTZNER, Loraine Faye SARMIENTO, Junki KOMORI, Kathrine MAXWELL, Jennifer WEIL-ACCARDO, Tsai-Luen YU, Chuan-Chou SHEN, Shou-Yeh GONG, Ke LIN, Yanbin LU, Xianfeng WANG, Noelynna RAMOS. (2020). Mid-holocene Sea-level and Paleoseismic Histories in Badoc, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. Asia Oceania Geosciences Society.
  • Gina SARKAWI, Aron MELTZNER, Anandh GOPAL, Joanne LIM, Andrew MITCHELL, Loraine Faye SARMIENTO, Jennifer WEIL-ACCARDO, Kathrine MAXWELL, Junki KOMORI, Ke LIN, Xianfeng WANG, Chuan-Chou SHEN, Shou-Yeh GONG, Yanbin LU, Noelynna RAMOS. (2020). Tectonic Uplift and Subsidence Inferred from Coral Archives of Relative Sea Level in Balaoan, La Union, Philippines. Asia Oceania Geosciences Society.
  • Andrew MITCHELL, Joanne LIM, Anandh GOPAL, Aron MELTZNER, Andrew CHAN, Gina SARKAWI, Xinnan LI, Ace Matthew CANTILLEP, Loraine Faye SARMIENTO, Junki KOMORI, Tsai-Luen YU, Chuan-Chou SHEN, Shou-Yeh GONG, Jennifer WEIL-ACCARDO, Kathrine MAXWELL, Ke LIN, Yanbin LU, Xianfeng WANG, Noelynna RAMOS. (2020). Strategies to Improve Geochronologic Constraints on Coral Microatolls in the Philippines. Asia Oceania Geosciences Society.
  • Gina Muthia Sarkawi, Aron J Meltzner, Anandh Gopal, Joanne Lim, Andrew Paul Mitchell, Loraine Faye Sarmiento, Jennifer Weil-Accardo, Kathrine Valdez Maxwell, Junki Komori, Chuan-Chou Shen, Shou-Yeh Gong, Lin Ke, Yanbin LU, Xianfeng Wang and Noelynna Tuazon Ramos. (2019, December). Tectonic uplift and subsidence inferred from coral microatoll archives of relative sea level in La Union province, northwestern Luzon, Philippines. Paper presented at AGU Fall Meeting.

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