Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Nathalie Goodkin

Associate Professor, Asian School of the Environment

Assoc Prof Nathalie Goodkin

Current Projects
  • Complexity as an anchor for the development of interdisciplinary reasoning in the sciences
  • Coral Geochemistry
  • Environmental history of coral reefs in Singapore
  • MarGC Summer School
  • Physical and biogeochecmical effects of sediment transport on coral reefs
  • Precipitation in SEA
  • The Oceanographic Perspective: Reconstructing Seasonal Climate Variations in the Indo-Pacific Using Coral Geochemical Records
  • Tier 2 Supplement
  • Transition Plan
Selected Publications
  • G. Carrasco, M. Chen, E.A. Boyle, J.Tanzil, K. Zhou, N.F. Goodkin. (2018). An update of the Pb isotope inventory in post leaded-petrol Singapore environments. Environmental Pollution, 233, 925-932.
  • Martin P, Lauro FM, Sarkar A, Goodkin NF, Prakash S, P. N. Vinayachandran. (2018). Particulate polyphosphate and alkaline phosphatase activity across a latitudinal transect in the tropical Indian Ocean. Limnology and Oceanography, , doi:10.1002/lno.10780.
  • Mengli Chen, Nathalie F. Goodkin, Edward A. Boyle, Adam D. Switzer, Annette Bolton. (2016). Lead in the western South China Sea: evidence of atmospheric deposition and upwelling. Geophysical Research Letters, 43, 4490-4499.
  • Goodkin, Nathalie F.; Wang, Bo-Shian; You, Chen-Feng; Hughen, Konrad A.; Grumet-Prouty, Nancy; Bates, Nicholas R.; Doney, Scott C. (2015). Ocean circulation and biogeochemistry moderate interannual and decadal surface water pH changes in the Sargasso Sea. Geophysical Research Letters, 42, 4931-4939.

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