Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Freddy Boey


School of Materials Science & Engineering
College of Engineering

Phone: (+65)6790 5609
Office: N4.1-02-33

  • PhD National University of Singapore 1987
  • BE(Hons) Monash University 1980
Professor Freddy Boey was Provost at Nanyang Technological University (July 2011 - Sep 2017). He was also previously the Chair of NTU’s School of Materials Science and Engineering from 2005 to 2010, during which time he built the school into one of the world’s largest and research intensive Materials Science & Engineering department.

Professor Boey’s key research contribution has been in the use of functional biomaterials for medical devices. A keen inventor, Professor Boey has founded several companies with his many patents to commercialize his cardiovascular, ocular and surgical implants. Some of his inventions, like the surgical tissue retractor, has been sold in the US, Europe, Japan, Middle East and India and the customizable hernia mesh, most recently approved for sale by the FDA.

He has published over 360 top journal papers with a citation above 13,900 and an H-Index of 55. He has won more than S$36 million in research grants in the last three years, including a prestigious S$10 million individual National Research Foundation (NRF) Competitive Research Programme grant for his work on fully biodegradable cardiovascular implants, a S$20 million NRF Technion–Singapore grant for his research in nanomedicine for cardiovascular diseases and a S$1.25 million grant from the NRF Translational Flagship Project for his ocular devices research.

He has received the prestigious Faculty of Medicine Fellowship by Imperial College London in 2013 for his exceptional achievements in medical technology and his outstanding contributions to the development of the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine. He was awarded Singapore’s Public Administration Medal (Silver) by the Government of Singapore in 2010. In November 2011, he received the Distinguished Alumni of the Year Award from Monash University at its 50th anniversary celebrations to recognize his achievements as a teacher, researcher and innovator, including his exceptional contributions to nanomedicine, as well as his volunteer work since his student days. In December 2011, he was also awarded, honoris causis, Doctor of Technology, by the Loughborough University in UK. He has also been conferred Honorary Professorship by the University of Indonesia and Nanjing Postal and Telecommunication University. He is also a founding Fellow of the Academy of Engineering Singapore and sits as Board Director in IPOS under the Ministry of Law and in the Defence Science Organisation under the Ministry of Defence.
Research Interests
Biodegradable Implants:

The main effort is directed by the NRF CRP grant awarded to Prof Boey on "Fully Biodegradable Cardiovascular Implant". The research work involve cellular - biomaterials interface and interaction, synthesis of elastomeric biodegradable polymers and drug / peptide eluting implants for stents and "hole in the heart" PFO plugs. Another major effort, collaborating with the Singapore Eye Research Institute, involves development of drug eluting microspheres and film inserts for retina infections and macula degeration glaucoma.

Electroactive Materials:

The research work involve development of PZT pumps and frictionless micro-pumps as micropumps for cooling / heat exchange, and diabetes / pain management drug release etc. A start-up company has been formed to exploit this technology commercially.

Nanomaterials for Detection, Identification and Remediation:

The research work involve developing functionalized nanoparticles for toxins, disease causing biological agents and forensic applications, anisotropic nanoparticles for color enhancement and light harvesting.
Current Projects
  • A new biodegradable, sustained-release drug delivery system in a rabbit model
  • Biodegradable Cardiovascular Implants
  • Biodegradable Cardiovascular Implants: Biodegradable Elastomers
  • Biodegradable Cardiovascular Implants: Cell-Biomaterials Interactions II
  • Biodegradable Cardiovascular Implants: Surface Functionalization for Cell Growth
  • Developing "Smart" Topical Delivery System
  • Development and application of sustained drug release technology for the delivery of nucleic acid molecules for the prevention of post-operative scarring in glaucoma
  • Development of Specialised Container Technology For Growing Street Trees in Singapore
  • Drug Delivery Systems for Glaucoma and Cornea
  • Hemocompatible Surfaces for Implants(NTU-Technion Project)
  • Nanoparticle Therapeutics for Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Edema
  • Novel Highly Ordered Heterojunction hybrid cell for solar energy harvesting
  • PZT Cardiovascular Pump
  • Photovoltaics Project
  • Sports Science and Technology Centre Consultancy Study
  • Stent Utilizing A Multilayer Biodegradable Coating to Provide Optimal Release Profile
  • The Regenerative Medicine Initiative in Cardiac Restoration Therapy Research Programme
Selected Publications
  • Yingying Huang, Yee Shan Wong, Herr Cheun Anthony Ng, Freddy Y.C. Boey, Subbu Venkatraman. (2017). Translation in Cardiovascular Stents and Occluders: From Biostable to Fully-degradable. Bioengineering & Translational Medicine, 2, 156-169.
  • G. C. T. Au-Yeung, U. Sarig, H. Sarig, T. Bronshtein, L. Baruch, A. Spizzichino, J. Bortman, F. Y. C. Boey, M. Machluf, S. S. Venkatraman. (2017). Restoring the native tissue biophysical properties through patch re-cellularization. Biomaterials Science, , Accepted.
  • Y. Efraim, H. Sarig, N. C. Anavy, U. Sarig, E. de Berardinis, S. Y. Chaw, M. Krishnamoorthi, J. Kalifa, H. Bogireddi, T. V.Duc, T. Kofidis, L. Baruch, F. Y. C. Boey, S. S. Venkatraman, M. Machluf. (2017). Biohybrid Cardiac ECM-Based Hydrogels Improve Long Term Cardiac Function Post Myocardial Infarction. Acta Biomaterialia, 50, 220-233.
  • U. Sarig, H. Sarig, E. de-Berardinis, S. Y. Chaw, E. B. V. Nguyen, V. S. Ramanujam, T. V. Duc, M. Al-Haddawi, S. Liao, D. Seliktar, T. Kofidis, F. Y. C. Boey, S. S. Venkatraman, M. Machluf. (2016). Natural myocardial ECM patch drives cardiac progenitor based restoration even after scarring. Acta Biomaterialia, 44, 209-220.
  • U. Sarig, H. Sarig, G. C. T. Au-Yeung, F. Y. C. Boey, M. Machluf, S. S. Venkatraman. (2015, July). Biophysical characterization of recellularization: restoring function of ECM based constructs towareds the native state. Paper presented at International Conference and Expo on Biomechanics and Implant design, FL, USA.

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