Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Yeo Swee Hock

Associate Professor

School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
College of Engineering

Phone: (+65)6790 5539
Office: N3-02b-52

  • PhD National University of Singapore 1993
  • MEng National University of Singapore 1983
  • BSc(Eng)(Hons) University of London, Queen Mary 1981
Assoc. Professor Yeo is currently in the School of Mech & Aerospace Eng since 1981. He received his Bachelor degree (first class) in Mechanical Engineering from Queen Mary College, Univ of London, Master and Ph.D. degrees from the National Univ of Singapore respectively. His research interests include Manufacturing process, and micromachining. He has done significant research work his research areas and published over 100 international conference and journal papers. He has been often invited as a reviewer for a number of premier conferences and journals.
Research Interests
Assoc Professor Yeo's areas of expertise are manufacturing processes and micromachining. His current research works focus on micro electrical discharge machining and development of micromachining systems.
Current Projects
  • Advanced Finishing of Internal Channels
  • Aerofoil leading edge linishing and advanced surface finishing & manufacturing automation of aero components
  • Characterization and Simulation of Micro/Nano Scale Surface Deformation and Texture Generation in Ultra-Precision Turning
  • Characterization and Simulation of the Sub-micron Flatness of Precision Turned Surface Topography
  • Compliant Abrasive Process Model and Integrated Tool Trajectory Planning
  • Development of Automated Deburring Solution for Large Structures (Phase II) and Automation of Advanced Surface Finishing for Aero Components
  • Development of Smart Abrasives for Optimized Media Finishing Process
  • Development of automated dressing for Op. 560 and Advanced Surface Finishing & Manufacturing Automation of Aero Components
  • Feasibility Studies on the Development of Slurry-assisted Grinding for Surface Texturing
  • Machining of micro mould with required surface texture
  • Near-field scanning optical microscopy for the characteristation of surface and subsurface nanostructures
  • Process Cycle Time Improvement in Vibratory Finishing Process
  • Studies On Microelectronics Devices Using FIB Technology
  • Study on the use of ultrasound technology for removal of tiles
  • Vibropreening Mechanisms and Influence of its Process Variables on Material Properties-Phase 1
Selected Publications
  • Y. Sun, T. T. Vu, Z. Halil, S. H. Yeo, A. Wee. (2017). Material removal prediction for contact wheels based on a dynamic pressure sensor. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, .
  • K. Ahluwalia, R. Mediratta, and S.H. Yeo. (2017). Process monitoring of Vibropolishing trough. World Congress on Engineering 2017.
  • Vu Trong Thien, Zulqarnain A. Halil, Sun Yajuan, Yeo Swee Hock. (2017). Assessment of micro-terrain features using dynamic tactile pressure sensor. 2017 IEEE International Conference on Applied System Innovation.
  • Vu Trong Thien ,Zulqarnain Bin Abdul Halil, Sun Yajuan ,Yeo Swee Hock, Arthur Wee. (2017, February). Surface Finishing: Experimental Study of Pressure Distribution by Compliant Contact Wheels. Paper presented at 2017 3rd International Conference on Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering, Paris, France.
  • Y. Sun, T. T. Vu, Z. Halil, S. H. Yeo. (2016). Pressure distribution of serrated contact wheels - experimental and numerical analysis. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, , 1–13.

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