Nanyang Technology University

Academic Profile
Assoc Prof Lin Rongming 

Associate Professor 
Division of Aerospace Engineering 
School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering 
College of Engineering 

Phone: (+65)6790 4728 
Office: N3.2-02-80 
  • DIC PhD University of London, Imperial Coll. 1991
  • BS Zhejiang University 1985
Dr Lin obtained his BSc(Eng) from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, P R China and his PhD and DIC from Imperial College London, UK. He has been with the School of Mechanical and Production Engineering, NTU since 1991 and is currently an Associate Professor with Aerospace Engineering Division. Prior to joining to NTU, he had been working with Rolls-Royce Centre for Vibration Engineering as posdoctoral Research Fellow for 2 years.
Research Interests
These include Vibration Modelling, Modal Testing, MEMS, Dynamics of Microsystems.
Selected Publications
  • Lin R M. (2013). Nonlinear Structural and Vibration Analysis of Graphene Sheets. Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, 10(9), 1941-1951.
  • Lin R M. (2012). Nanoscale vibration characterization of multi-layered graphene sheets embedded in an elastic medium. Computational Materials Science, 53(4), 251-261.
  • Lin R M. (2012). A Novel Perturbative Iteration Algorithm for Effective and Efficient Solution of Frequency-Dependent Eigenvalue Problems. Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 4(3), 325-339.
  • Lin R M. (2012). Nanoscale vibration characteristics of multi-layered graphene sheets. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 29(2), 251-261.
  • Shakouri A.; Ng T. Y.; Lin R. M. (2011). A new REBO potential based atomistic structural model for graphene sheets. Nanotechnology, 22(29), 1-8.
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