Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Seet Gim Lee, Gerald

Associate Professor

School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
College of Engineering

Phone: (+65)6790 5600
Office: N3-02c-75

  • PhD Aston University 1985
  • MSc University of Dundee 1981
  • BSc Council for National Academic Awards 1979
Gerald is currently an Associate Professor with the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He lectures in mechatronics, engineering design and real-time systems, at undergraduate and graduate level. He holds a concurrent appointment as Director of the Robotics Research Centre, and as Head of the Division of Mechatronics and Design.
Research Interests
Main research interests are in mechatronics and field robotics, with specific interest in underwater mobile robotics and fluid power systems. A consultant to industry in these areas. Recent research interest includes Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAV) and collaborative robotic systems.
Current Projects
  • Animatronic Avatar: Development of a Robotic Avatar for Telepresence Interaction and Communication
  • BeingTogether
  • Design and Development of a Compact, Integrated Slam Module for Indoor Perception and Localization
  • Development of a Robotic System for Large Diameter Sewerage System Inspection
  • Objective Assessment Of Clinical Scales
  • Phase 2: Development of A Robotic System for Large Diameter Sewers (Prototype Stage)
  • Underwater Object Tracking in Challenging Environments
Selected Publications
  • Wee-Ching, Pang; Choon-Yue, Wong; Gerald Seet. (2018). Exploring the use of social robots for museum settings and for learning heritage languages and cultures at the Chinese Heritage Centre. Presence, 26(2).
  • Wee-Ching Pang, Ahmad Khairyanto Bin Ratmin and Gerald Seet. (2018). Development of a low cost laser scanning system for gear repair using additive manufacturing technologies. International Conference on Progress in Additive Manufacturing (Pro-AM).
  • Keith Nguyen Wei Liang, Aprillia, Ahmad Khairyanto Bin Ratmin, Wee-Ching Pang, Gerald Seet, Shu-Beng Tor. (2018). Extraction from Point Cloud of Worn Components. International Conference on Progress in Additive Manufacturing (Pro-AM).
  • Aprillia, Keith Nguyen Wei Liang, Ahmad Khairyanto Bin Ratmin, Wee-Ching Pang, Shu-Beng Tor and Gerald Seet. (2018). Towards Automated Remanufacturing Process. International Conference on Progress in Additive Manufacturing (Pro-AM).
  • William Gu, Gerald Seet and Nadia Magnenat-Thalmanna. (2017). Perception-Link Behavior Model: Supporting a Novel Operator Interface for a Customizable Anthropomorphic Telepresence Robot. Robotics, 6(3), 16.

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