Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof Martin Constable

Assistant Professor

School of Art, Design and Media
College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences

Phone: (+65)6316 8729
Office: ART 4-17

  • MA University of London, Goldsmiths Coll. 1990
  • BA(Hons) U. of the Arts London, Camberwell 1986
Canadian / British / Spanish

I love working and living in Singapore. I feel that it has become my first home.

Date of 1st Appointment:
Start Date at NTU: June 1st 2006

Academic Qualifications:
1981-1982 Foundation St Martinʼs School of Art, UK
1983-1986 BA(Hons) Camberwell College, UK
1988-1990 MA Goldsmithsʼ College, UK

Summary of Teaching Experience:
1992-2000 Visiting Lecturer (Studio Practice), Central St Martinʼs School of Art, London, UK.
1995-1997 Visiting Lecturer (Drawing), Royal College, London, UK.
1997-1998 Visiting Lecturer (Drawing), Ruskin College, Oxford, UK.
1995-2003 Visiting Lecturer (Studio Practice), Bristol College, UWE, Bristol, UK.
2003-2004 Visiting Lecturer (Photoshop), Wimbledon College, London, UK.
1993-2006 Evening Class Teacher, DALI (London Institute), London, UK.
1995-2000 Visiting Lecturer (Art History), ACS, Goldsmithsʼ College, London, UK.
2004-2006 Coordinator Extension Degrees / Visitor Programs, Goldsmithsʼ College, London, UK.
2006- Professor of Digital Painting, ADM, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
Research Interests
I am deeply fascinated by the way that compositing technologies (like Photoshop and Nuke) have changed the shape of our culture. The role of the artist has been completely re-defined by these technologies, a change that is comparable to the change wrought upon painters by the invention of photography. In my work as an artist I try to cross-breed the disciplines of photography, painting and visual effects.

My other line of research is in the field of computational aesthetics. I have been working in collaboration with computer engineers on problems relating to the automatic and semi-automatic augmentation of the aesthetic attributes of photographs. One key aspect of this work is the realization of how important contrast is in determining the key style aspects of an image. Though this work is ongoing, I can say that image contrast is not what most people think it is.

One of my first projects in NTU was to design a Blackboard tool ('Visual Acuity') to aid the grading of visual art assignments. This was such a success that it was instituted by the university as a permanent fixture.

Currently I am completely hot for the possibilities offered by the Lightfield camera (Mark Levoy et al: I doubt that many people fully realize how much this technology can cnage the way that we think about images and the way that we edit them.

Some wikis: (eratic server, please be patient)
- My teaching Wiki on Photoshop use:
- My teaching Wiki on Nuke (compositor) use:
- My Wiki covering ther work produced by my artists collaborative 'Grieve Perspective': http://

One of the most exciting things about working at NTU is the wonderful possibilities available for collaboration with engineers. Any form of inter disciplinary collaboration is difficult, and science and art collaboration even more so. However the rewards are substantial. One of my heros in this regard is Albert Munsell ( an artist whose asked a few simple and fundamental questions about color. In exploring these questions he developed the Munsell Color System which in turn became the Lab color space.
Current Projects
  • Computationally Assisted Depth Aware Style Rendering Of A Moving Image
  • Developing an artist in residence program within the Singaporean games industry
  • The Application of Computational Aesthetics in the Acquisition and Treatment of Digital Images
Selected Publications
  • M. Elgendi, F. Vialatte, M. Constable, and J. Dauwels. (2011). International Conference on Neural Computation Theory and Application: Immersive Neurofeedback: A New Paradigm. International Conference on Neural Computation Theory and Application.
  • X. Zhang, M. Constable, K. L. Chan. (2011). International Conference on Cybernetics and Intelligent Systems: Aesthetic Enhancement of Landscape Photographs as Informed by Paintings Across Depth Layers. International Conference on Cybernetics and Intelligent SystemsIEEE.
  • X. Zhang, M. Constable, K. L. Chan. (2011). The 5th IEEE International Conference on Cybernetics and Intelligent Systems: Depth-Based Reference Portrait Painting Selection for Example-Based Rendering. The 5th IEEE International Conference on Cybernetics and Intelligent SystemsIEEE.
  • M. Constable. (2010). Computer Vision Accv 2010 Workshops, Part II: Artist-Led Suggestions Towards an Approach in Content Aware 3D NPR Rendering. Workshop on Computational Photography and AestheticsSpringer-Verlag New York Inc.
  • X. Zhang, M. Constable, Y. He. (2010). On the Transfer of Painting Style to Photographic Images through Attention to Colour Contrast. Fourth Pacific-Rim Symposium on Image and Video TechnologyIEEE.

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