Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Hirotaka Sato

Associate Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Assoc Prof Hirotaka Sato

University of California at Berkeley, postdoc 2008 - 2011

University of Michigan, postdoc 2007

Waseda University, research assistant professor, 2005 - 2006

The 10 Emerging Technologies of 2009 (TR10), MIT Technology Review

The 50 Best Inventions of 2009, TIME magazine

The Most Viewed and Downloaded Article 2010, Frontiers in Neuroscience
Research Interests
micro air vehicle, MAV
insect flight control
insect physiology
biofuel cell

electrochemical etching, deposition
electroless deposition
Current Projects
  • An Insect-Machine Hybrid System: Development of Bio-Interface for Remote Radio Control of Insect Flight
  • Development of Electrochemical Mechanical Polishing of Tungsten Carbide for Glass Lens Molding
  • Development of Insect-computer hybrid robot using ultra-flexible organic solar cells
  • Development of electrochemical process for precision mechanical parts
  • Development of wet treatments for efficient and low cost electroless plating process
  • Drug Delivery System for Boosting Locomotive Performances in Biological Machine
  • Extremely highly-active and low-cost catalyst for electroless plating
  • High Throughput and Efficient Electroless Plating Processes
  • Insect-Hybrid Legged Robot Integrated with Micro Sensors and Remote Navigation System
  • Integration of Sugar Energy Harvester into Wireless Communication Device
  • Phase II: Insect-Hybrid Legged Robot Integrated with Micro Sensors and Remote Navigation System
  • Plastic 3D Printer combined with metallization by electroless plating
  • Provost’s Chair in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Hirotaka Sato)
  • Rapid Detection of Foodborne Pathogens Using Thermosensitive Liposomes
  • Remote Takeoff and Landing Control of Insect-Computer Hybrid Flapping Robot
  • Vital Sign Monitoring in Insect-Machine Hybrid System
Selected Publications
  • Feng Cao, Chao Zhang, Hao Yu Choo, Hirotaka Sato. (2016). Insect–computer hybrid legged robot with user-adjustable speed, step length and walking gait. Journal of The Royal Society Interface, 13(116), 20160060.
  • T. T. V. Doan, J. Wang, Ka. C. Poon, D. C. L. Tan, B. Khezri, R. D. Webster, H. Su, H. Sato. (2016). Theoretical Modelling and Facile Synthesis of Highly Active B-doped Pd Catalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 55(24), DOI: 10.1002/anie.201682461.
  • Kee Chun Poon, Bahareh Khezri, Yao Li, Richard D. Webster, Haibin Su, Hirotaka Sato. (2016). A highly active Pd–P nanoparticle electrocatalyst for enhanced formic acid oxidation synthesized via stepwise electroless deposition. Chemical Communications, 52, 3556-3559.
  • Hirotaka Sato, Tat Thang Vo Doan, Svetoslav Kolev, Ngoc Anh Huynh, Chao Zhang, Travis L. Massey, Joshua van Kleef, Kazuo Ikeda, Pieter Abbeel, Michel M. Maharbiz. (2015). Deciphering the Role of a Coleopteran Steering Muscle via Free Flight Stimulation. Current Biology, 25(6), 798-803.
  • Kee Chun Poon, Desmond C. L. Tan,Thang D.T. Vo, Bahareh Khezri, Haibin Su, Richard D. Webster and Hirotaka Sato. (2014). Newly Developed Stepwise Electroless Deposition Enables a Remarkably Facile Synthesis of Highly Active and Stable Amorphous Pd Nanoparticle Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 136(14), 5217.

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