Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof Yang En-Hua

Assistant Professor

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
College of Engineering

Phone: (+65)6790 5291
Office: N1-01b-56

  • PhD (Civil & Env Eng) University of Michigan 2008
  • MSE (Mtl Sc & Eng) University of Michigan 2005
  • MS (ApplMech) National Taiwan University 1999
  • BS (EngSc) National Cheng Kung University 1997
Dr. YANG En-Hua is assistant professor with the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Nanyang Technological University. Prior to joining NTU, Dr. Yang was a forensic engineer in Exponent’s Buildings and Structures practice. He received his PhD degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Michigan. Dr. Yang specializes in the development of sustainable infrastructure through the innovative construction materials technology. His principal areas of expertise are strain hardening cementitious composites ECC, composite micromechanics, material characterization, and material microstructure analysis and tailoring. He is experienced in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building rating system and is a LEED Accredited Professional certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. Dr. Yang is a board member of the ASCE-Singapore session and is also a committee member of ACI Technical Committee 130 Sustainability of Concrete.

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Research Interests
Strain-hardening cementitious composites (SHCC); Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC); Self-healing/smart construction material; Green building/construction material; Ultra-high performance concrete; Multi-functional high performace roof/facade coating; Building energy simulation; Waste-to-resource/energy; Life cycle assessment; Micromechanics; Corrosion; Fatigue; Impact
Research Grant
  • A*STAR-MND Green Building Joint Grant Call (2013-)
  • Academic Research Fund Tier 1 (2014-2017) [by MOE]
  • JTC Corporation (2016-) [by JTC Corporation]
  • MND- Land and Liveability National Innovation Challenge (L2 NIC) (2014-)
  • MND- Land and Liveability National Innovation Challenge (L2 NIC) (2014-) [by Ministry of National Development (MND)]
  • MND- Land and Liveability National Innovation Challenge (L2 NIC) (2016-) [by Ministry of National Development (MND)]
  • Magortherm Pte Ltd (2015-) [by Magortherm Pte Ltd]
  • NEA Environment Technology Research Programme (2014-)
  • NRF CREATE (2012-2017) [by National Research Foundation (NRF)]
  • NTU-JTC Industrial Infrastructure Innovation Centre (I3C) (2015-) [by JTC Corporation]
  • ceEntek Pte Ltd (2012-2017)
Current Projects
  • A Novel Approach to Reutilize Incineration Bottom Ash (IBA) for Civil Engineering Applications: IBA Aerated Concrete
  • Application of engineering cementitious composites (ECC) and blast detailing on national critical infrastructures against blast loading
  • Biocrete: A Microbio Concrete
  • Cool Singapore
  • Development of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Ultra High Performance Concrete (CNT-UHPC)
  • Embedded Polymeric Fiber And/Or Steel Fiber In Concrete Mix And Self-Temperature-Sensing Concrete
  • Field Demonstration of Bendable Concrete Precast Pavement
  • Life Safety and Structural Fire Safety of Mega Underground Caverns in Singapore
  • Magortherm High Energy Performance Building Envelope Test Bedding in Tropical Climate
  • Multi-functional Cool Paint Incorporating TiO2-based Nano-capsules of Phase Change Material for Building Applications in Tropics
  • Performance approach to recycled aggregates classification
  • Singapore-Berkeley Building Efficiency and Sustainability in the Tropics
  • Study of the Chemo-physical Process of Autogenous Crack Healing in Cement-based Materials
  • Study of the Mechano-electrochemical Coupling Effect on Reinforcing Steel Corrosion
  • UCB CREATE SinBerBEST (Singapore-Berkeley) Thrust 5 on Materials, Design & Life Cycle of Energy-Efficient Buildings
  • Use of Jurong Rock for Geopolymer Concrete Production
Selected Publications
  • X Shan, J Zhou, Victor W.-C. Chang, En-Hua Yang. (2016). Comparing mixing and displacement ventilation in tutorial rooms: Students' thermal comfort, sick building syndromes, and short-term performance. Building and Environment, 102, 128-137.
  • Kang Hai Tan; En-Hua Yang; Shao-Bo Kang; T.Y. Wahyudi. (2016). Proceedings of the 15th International Congress on Polymers in Concrete: Mechanical Behaviour of Engineered Cementitious Composites under Quasi-Static and High Strain Rate Applications. 15th International Congress on Polymers in Concrete.
  • Qiu J., Yang E.H. (2015). Effects of Microbial Carbonate Precipitation on Transport Properties of Fiber Cement Composites. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 28(5), 6.
  • Yang E.H., V. Li, Qiu J. (2015). ASCE Forensic Engineering 7th Congress: Early Age Cracking in a SHCC Bridge Deck Link Slab. (pp. 10)Miami, U.S.
  • Kang S.B., Tan, K.H., and Yang E.H. (2015). Progressive collapse resistance of precast beam-column sub-assemblages with engineered cementitious composites. Engineering Structures, 98, 186-200.

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