Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Sun Changqing

Associate Professor

School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
College of Engineering

Phone: (+65)6790 4517
Office: S2.2-B2-10

  • PhD Murdoch University 1996
  • MS Tianjin University 1987
  • BS Wuhan University of Technology 1982
Recipient of the 25th Khwarizmi International Science Award and the Inaugural Nanyang Award of research. Pioneer of the 《Chemical Bond Relaxation》《The Soul of Water》《Advanced Spectrometrics》《Nonbonding Electrons》theories.

His unique set of theoretical, numerical and experimental strategies has enabled: 1) invention of the Coordination-Resolved Electron and Phonon Spectrometrics; 2) reconciliation of the behavior of bonds and electrons associated with undercoordinated atoms of defects, skins, nanostructures of various shapes and heterocoordinated atoms in chemisorption and interfaces; 3) formulation of the atomistic, multifield solid mechanics; 4) correlation of bond relaxation and polarization to detectable quantities of aqueous and solid specimens; and 5) resolution of multiple mysteries of water and ice.

His contribution has been featured in three monographs (published by Springer-Verlag 2014, 2016, 2018 and the Chinese version by High Education press, Beijing), and multiple treatises published in Friction (2016), Chemical Reviews (2015; 2012), Coordination Chemistry Reviews (2015), Progress in Solid State Chemistry (2015; 2007; 2006), Surface Science Reports (2013), Progress in Materials Science (2009; 2003), Energy and Environment Science (2011), Science China (2012), Nanoscale (2010), etc. Breakthroughs in water research have been featured by numerous media such as Times, The Telegraph, Daily Mails, Physics Today, IOP News, Chemical World, Chem Views, Nature Chemistry, New Scientist, etc.

Dr Sun was finalist of Singapore Presidential/National Science Award in 2012 and 2003. He is currently on the Editorial Advisory Board for multiple scientific journals. Published 350 Journal article with 11000 citations and 55 H-index.
Research Interests
Coordination bonding and electronic Engineering
Research Grant
  • Academic Research Fund Tier 1 (2014-2017) [by Nanyang Technological University]
  • Academic Research Fund Tier 1 (2015-2017) [by Ministry of Education (MOE)]
Current Projects
  • Defects Mediation of Catalytic Ability of TiO2
  • Zone Selective XPS(ZPS) Investigation of Bond and Electron Relaxation Dynamics In the Layered (W, Mo)-S2 Semiconductors
Selected Publications
  • Sun CQ, Sun Y. (2016). The Attribute of Water: Single Notion, Multiple Myths. Springer, 113.
  • Liu, X. J.; Bo, M. L.; Zhang, X.; Li, L. T.; Nie, Y. G.; TIan, H.; Sun, Y.; Xu, S.; Wang, Y.; Zheng, W. Sun CQ*. (2015). Coordination-Resolved Electron Spectrometrics.. Chemical Reviews, 115(14), 65.
  • Y. Huang, X. Zhang, Z. Ma, Y. Zhou, W. Zheng, J. Zhou, and C.Q. Sun. (2015). Hydrogen-bond relaxation dynamics: resolving mysteries of water ice. Coordination Chemistry Reviews , 285, 109-165.
  • C.Q. Sun. (2014). Relaxation of the Chemical Bond (Springer Press, 2014). Springer Series in Chemical Physics, 108, 807.
  • L.K. Pan, S.Q. Xu, W. Qin, X.J. Liu, Z. Sun, W.T. Zheng, and C.Q. Sun. (2013). Skin dominance of the dielectric-electronic-phononic-photonic attribute of nanoscaled silicon. Surface Science Reports, 68(3-4), 418-445.

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