Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Dejan Grba

Visiting Associate Professor, School of Art, Design and Media

Phone: +65 65138254
Office: ART B1 09
Assoc Prof Dejan Grba

Dejan Grba is a media artist, author and educator.

Since 1994 he had 25 solo exhibitions, and participated in a number of group shows at venues including Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland; ISEA, Manizales; Zentrum für Kunst und Medien, Karlsruhe; Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig; Montevideo, Amsterdam; rotor, Graz; Museum in Progress, Vienna; Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade; Museum of Contemporary Visual Art, Novi Sad; Atelier als Supermedium, Hague; IFA Galerie, Berlin; Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade; Gallery of the Science and Technology Museum (SASA), Belgrade; Dom omladine Gallery, Belgrade; Remont Gallery, Belgrade; Rex Cultural Center, Belgrade, and at festivals such as Festival International de la video et des Arts Electroniques, Locarno; Tech_Nicks, London; In/Out, Prague and Belef, Belgrade.

Dejan Grba curated more than thirty exhibitions since 2001 at venues such as Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland; Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig; Medienkunstlabor, Graz; Unagaleria, Bucharest; MoCA Salon, Belgrade; Dom omladine Gallery, Belgrade; Gallery of the Science and Technology Museum, Belgrade; Students Cultural Center, Belgrade; Context Gallery, Belgrade; DKSG Gallery, Belgrade; Goethe-Institut, Belgrade; VN Gallery, Zagreb; Krizic-Roban Gallery, Zagreb and Kraljevic Gallery, Zagreb.
He is the first Serbian Artist who won the Junior Faculty Development Program fellowship (2007) and the first artist who won the Serbian Ministry of Science and Technology postgraduate scholarship (1996).

Dejan Grba is currently a visiting associate professor at the ADM/NTU in Singapore. In 2018 he was invited by the Rectorate of University of the Arts in Belgrade to establish and chair the international interdisciplinary MA program The Art of Digital Media. Since 2015, he has been a founding chair of New Media department at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade where he teaches Transmedia Research Studio since 2006, and where he had taught Drawing and Painting from 1998 to 2012. He was a guest professor with Computer Art program at the College of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse University, New York in 2007. In 2005 he developed and since then has been teaching Poetics of Digital Art Seminar at Digital Art interdisciplinary doctoral program that he participated in establishing at University of the Arts in Belgrade.
His mentoring includes collaboration with new media artists, collectives, PhD, DA candidates, and projects such as Photo-Robot (2009-2011), 2D MutantZombies (2006-2007) and FluID (1998-2005).

He has been a member of the Fulbright Alumni Association of Serbia since 2017, a member of international association of curators and artists Provisional Art Spaces since 2015, board member of several art venues and galleries, and a jury member of international festivals since 2000.

Since 1994 he has given numerous lectures at venues including ADM/NTU Singapore; ISEA Manizales and Hong Kong; Syracuse University; GfZK, Leipzig; Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade; Academy of the Arts, Novi Sad; Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade; MoCA Salon, Belgrade; Centre for Contemporary Art, Belgrade; Le Centre Culturel Français, Belgrade; Rex Cultural Center, Belgrade; Students Cultural Center, Belgrade; Cultural Center Catalysis, Belgrade and Students City Cultural Center, Belgrade.
He has given talks at conferences including ISEA2017, Manizales; ISEA2016, Hong Kong; Consciousness Reframed XIX, Shanghai; Generative Art 2015, Venice; Going Digital, Belgrade; Thinking Europe – Discourses and Models, Leipzig; Upgrade!International, Skopje; ELIA, Luzern and Gent; ELIA Teachers’ Academy, Rotterdam and Brighton; EUA/Swiss Confederation Conference on Credit Transfer and Accumulation, Zurich; and Inter/Artes, Vilnius and Ghent.

He has published papers on media art in international journals such as Leonardo (The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology).

He is a film buff, hiker and free climber.
Research Interests
Dejan Grba’s artistic and theoretical research are motivated by the heterogenous artistic, scientific and cultural phenomena focusing on the conceptual, cognitive, technological, poetic and political aspects of visual arts, film, interactive, new media art and digital culture. He is particularly interested in generative and consequential aspects of art and human creativity in general, including the ways of constitution, representation and interpretation of the individual notion of reality in the symbolic and narrative structures. These interests have been primarily informed by the insights in physics, biology, evolutionary and cognitive sciences.
Dejan’s research methodology is based on the principles of empirical assessment, reiterative (self)critical thinking, awareness and sensitivity for human fallacies and biases which manifest in the arts, sciences, technology and everyday life.

With the expertise in experimental visual, new media and digital art, Dejan Grba has been focusing his theoretical research on the critical investigation of generative art, authoring and co-authoring conference papers and journal articles. He is currently collaborating with Dr Vladimir Todorović on integrating and extending their theoretical work into a book on generative art.
They examine different concepts of generative art, explore generativity in the arts and the specific features of generative methodologies in different areas of new media art such as visualization/imaging, sound, narrativity, animation/cinema, gaming, interactivity, performance, bio-art, post-digital/post-media, architecture and design. The book discusses the ways in which the insights, implications, cognitive and ethical aspects of generative art are influencing and changing contemporary art, culture and human lives. The book proposal is planned for fall 2019.

Dejan Grba is currently preparing a project for the infrastructure and multidisciplinary methodology to systematically develop, maintain and evolve a robust, comprehensive, open-access online platform which will serve as an artistic, theoretical, teaching and learning tool in new media art.
The system will be based on a database that Dejan has been curating for the last 12 years as a research kernel for his art projects, writing and teaching. Its current structure comprises art projects, institutions, references and contextual material in the main areas of new media art: computer art pioneers, imaging/visualization, infographics/data-vis, sound, animation, film, video, installation, interactivity, performance, generative art, gaming, Internet art, activism, bio-art, design, architecture and post-digital/post-media art.
The extensive set of references includes sectioned lists and links of: bibliography (including open access PDFs), manuals (including open access PDFs), filmography, artists, authors, awards, chronologies, education programs, exhibitions, festivals, conferences, hardware, software, magazines and blogs, museums/galleries/collections and research centers/platforms/organizations. The references are accessible both contextually within each relevant field/area of new media art, and separately as unified lists.
The methodology will provide long-term flexibility, versatility and anticipation which will overcome the shortcomings of similar existing, semi-functional or failed/expired databases on new media/digital art.
Selected Publications
  • Dejan Grba. (2018). Going Digital: Innovation in Art, Architecture, Science and Technology in Digital Era: Going Postdigital: Presenting and Promoting Digital Art Within Contemporary Digital Culture. (pp. 85-92)Belgrade: STRAND - Sustainable Urban Society Association.
  • Dejan Grba. (2017). Generative Art 2017 Conference Proceedings: Analogies: When I Draw a Song For a Film. (pp. 515-519)Milan: Domus Argenia.
  • Dejan Grba. (2017). Avoid Setup: Insights and Implications of Generative Cinema. Leonardo & Leonardo Music Journal, 50(4), 384-393.
  • Dejan Grba. (2017). Proceedings of the 23rd International Symposium on Electronic Art: Bio-Creation and Peace: Wake Vortex: Orthogonal Scanning of Digital Artefacts. (pp. 86)Manizales: Centro Cultural Universitario Rogelio Salmona.
  • Dejan Grba. (2015). Generative Art 2015 Conference Proceedings: Get Lucky: Cognitive Aspects of Generative Art. Generative Art (pp. 200-213)Venice: Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa.

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