Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Huang Yizhong

Associate Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering

Assoc Prof Huang Yizhong

Dr Huang took his PhD in Materials Physics at University of Science and Technology Beijing and has been working in University of Oxford as a postdoc and then research fellow (faculty member) and is currently an assistant professor in MSE at NTU.
Research Interests
1. Novel nanocomposites for low temperature solid oxide fuel cells.

2. Ordered nanosturctured arrays for nanodevices such as bio-senors and gas-senors.

3. 3D interfacial analysis of inorganic -organic interfaces and materials failure at the micro/nano-scale.

4. Self-lubricating nanocomposites for hard coatings.

5. Transimission Electron microscopy (TEM) and focused ion beam (FIB).
Current Projects
  • Advanced chemical looping combustion for CO2 capture
  • Anode Diagnostics In LI-ION And LI-O2 Batteries
  • Development of Advanced Failure Analysis Techniques
  • Flexible Energy Storage Devices Based on Carbonaceous Electrode Support
  • High Temperature Hard Magnetic Materials for Electrical Machine
  • Large-area and ordered Au nanoarrays for High Electrocatalytic Performance
  • Magnetic Field Enabled Transparent Ceramics for New Generation Solid State Lighting
  • Nanostructural arrays: fabrication, characterization and applications
  • Novel hybrid nanostructure arrays for multiplexing electrochemical immunosensors
  • Semiconductor Nanoarray for a Novel Gas Sensor
  • Towards a Reliable High Performance QD Mid-infrared Laser
Selected Publications
  • Tu, W. G., Xu, Y., Wang, J. J., Zhang, B. W., Zhou, T. H., Yin, S. M., Wu, S. Y., Li, C. M., Huang, Y. Z., Zhou, Y., Zou, Z. G., Robertson, J., Kraft, M., Xu, R. (2018). Investigating the role of Tunable Nitrogen Vacancies in Graphitic Carbon Nitride Nanosheets for Efficient Visible-Light-Driven H2 evolution and CO2 reduction. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, .
  • Xu, Y., Tu, W. G., Zhang, B. W., Yin, S. M., Huang, Y. Z., Kraft, M. Xu, R. (2018). Nickel Nanoparticles Encapsulated in Few-layer Nitrogen-doped Graphene Derived from Metal-organic Frameworks as Efficient Bifunctional Electrocatalysts for Overall Water Splitting. Advanced Materials, .
  • K Raveendran, G Karthik; Baikie, Tom; Ettanoor Thuppale , Mohan Dass; Huang, Yizhong; Guet, Claude. (2017). Understanding the South-East Asian haze. Environmental Research Letters, 12(8), 10.
  • G. Yang, J. Feng, B. Zhang, V. Aravindan, D. Peng, X. Cao, H. Yu, S. Madhavi and, Y. Huang, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. (2017). Solvothermal synthesis of Li3VO4: Morphology control and electrochemical performance as anode for lithium-ion batteries. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, .
  • Bowei Zhang, Bensong Chen, Junsheng Wu, Shiji Hao, Guang Yang, Xun Cao, Lin Jing, Minmin Zhu, Siu Hon Tsang, Edwin Hang Tong Teo, Yizhong Huang. (2017). The Electrochemical Response of Single Crystalline Copper Nanowires to Atmospheric Air and Aqueous Solution. Small, 13(10), 1603411.

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