Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Mu Yuguang

Associate Professor, School of Biological Sciences

Assoc Prof Mu Yuguang

2006.4 - now Assistant Professor in School of Biological Sciences, NTU
2003.10 – 2006.3 Lee Kuan Yew Fellowship in School of Biological Sciences, NTU
2000.1 - 2003.9 Research Fellow (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter) in Institute of Theoretical Chemistry
Frankfurt am Main, Germany Biomolecular simulations and dynamics analyse,
cooperated with Prof. G. Stock and Prof. Peter Hamm
1999.1 - 2000.1 Alexander von Humboldt Fellow in Fraunhofer Institute of Integrated Systems and Device
Technology (IISB) Schottkystrasse 10, 91058 Erlangen, Germany cooperated with Prof.
Heiner Ryssel and Dr. Alex Burenkov. Simulation of atoms -solids interaction.

1997.7 - 1999.1 Lecturer , Department of photoelectronics, Shandong Univ.
Research Interests
Research Fields
1. MD simulation method and data analysis method development.
2. DNA dynamics, DNA ?protein, DNA-counterions interaction study.
3. Peptide, protein folding, unfolding study, specially aimed at folding, misfolding mechanism which could lead to amyloid fibril.
4. RNA dynamics and folding study.
Current Projects
  • Explore Folding Mechanism of RNA, DNA loops : Invention and application of new sample enhancing method for molecular dynamics simulations
  • Explore the Intrinsic Disordered Nature of Structures of Human Islet Amyloid Polypeptide and Its Amyloid Formation Mechanism By Combined Computational and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study
  • Explore the neutralization mechanism of natural small molecule on the toxicity of Aβ Protein aggregation by molecular dynamics simulations
  • Processive mechanism in cellulose degradation by cellobiohydrolase
  • Selective contact-active antimicrobial bio-macromolecules
  • Simulation study on influenza drug resistance
  • Synthetic Peptidoglycan Oligomers for Rapid and Accurate Diagnosis of Bacterial Infection
  • Understanding off-target effects of CRISPR/Cas9 using molecular dynamics simulations
Selected Publications
  • Jingjing Guo, James C. S. Ho, Hokyun Chin, Alan E. Mark, Cheng Zhou, Staffan Kjelleberg, Bo Liedberg, Atul Parikh, Nam-Joon Cho, Jamie Hinks, Yuguang Mu, Thomas Seviour. (2019). Response of microbial membranes to butanol: interdigitation vs. disorder. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, .
  • jingjing guo, james c.s. ho, hokyun chin, alan e. mark, cheng zhou, staffan kjelleberg, bo liedberg, atul n. parikh, nam-joon cho, jamie, hinks, yuguang mu, thomas seviour. (2019). Response of microbial membranes to butanol: Q2 interdigitation vs. disorder. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 10.1039/c9cp014.
  • Limwongyut J, Liu Y, Chilambi GS, Seviour T, Hinks J, Mu Y, Bazan G. (2018). Interactions of a paracyclophane-based conjugated oligoelectrolyte with biological membranes.. RSC Advances, 70.
  • Liangzhen Zheng, Amr A. Alhossary, Chee-Keong Kwoh, YuguangMu.(2018). Molecular Dynamics and Simulation. Encyclopedia of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology(550-566). Reference Module in Life Sciences: Elsevier.
  • Amr Alhossary, Yaw Awuni, Chee Keong Kwoh and Yuguang Mu. (2018). Proposing drug fragments for dengue virus NS5 protein. Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, 16(3), 1840017-1 : 1840017-1.

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