Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof Olav Benjamin Vassend

Assistant Professor, School of Humanities

Asst Prof Olav Benjamin Vassend

Dr Vassend joined the School on 17 July 2017 as Assistant Professor after receiving his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in the spring of 2017. His research interests lie in Philosophy of Science and Epistemology, and he is particularly interested in formal approaches within both these fields.
Research Interests
Philosophy of science
Decision theory
Foundations of statistics
Current Projects
  • The Philosophical Foundation of Bayesian Inference
Selected Publications
  • Olav Benjamin Vassend. (2019, June). Justifying the Norms of Inductive Inference. Paper presented at Formal Epistemology Workshop.
  • Vassend, Olav Benjamin. (2018). New Semantics for Bayesian Inference: The Interpretive Problem and Its Solutions. Philosophy of Science, Forthcoming.
  • Olav Benjamin Vassend. (2018, November). Trusting the Predictions of a Hypothesis vs Believing that the Hypothesis is True. Paper presented at Inaugural Meeting of the Department of Philosophy of Science, Fudan University.
  • Vassend, Olav Benjamin. (2018). Comment: The Inferential Information Criterion from a Bayesian Point of View. Sociological Methodology, 48(1), 91-97.
  • Vassend, Olav Benjamin. (2018). A Verisimilitude Framework for Inductive Inference, with an Application to Phylogenetics. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Forthcoming.

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