Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof He Tai-Sen

Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences

Asst Prof He Tai-Sen

I am an assistant professor in the school of social sciences of Nanyang Technological University. I received Ph.D. in Economics from Brown University in 2013. I use experimental methods to study problems at the intersection of Economics, Finance and Psychology. My recent work focuses on how simple, easy-to-manipulate linguistic interventions influence people’s economic decision-making. I normally teach Experimental Economics and Financial Economics.

Ph.D. in Economics, Brown University, 2013
M.A. in Economics, National Chengchi University, 2003
Bachelor of Finance, National Chengchi University, 2001
Research Interests
Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics
Current Projects
  • Cooperation, Partner Selection, And Homophily In Social Networks Experiments
  • How Do Economic, Social and Linguistic Factors Shape Social Preferences? Three Experimental Studies
  • The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree: An Experimental Study on Intergenerational Transmission of Preferences
  • Training Children's Strategic Reasoning
Selected Publications
  • Tai-Sen He. (2020). The framing effect of tax–transfer systems. Journal of the Economic Science Association, , Accepted.
  • Tai-Sen He, Lili Qin. (2020). On the developmental origin of intrinsic honesty. PLoS ONE, ,
  • Tai-Sen He, Yohanes E. Riyanto, Saori C. Tanaka and Katsunori Yamada. (2020). Pronoun Drop and Prosocial Behavior: Experimental Evidence from Japan. Journal of the Economic Science Association, 6, 13-25.
  • Josie I Chen, Tai-Sen He and Yohanes E. Riyanto. (2019). The Effect of Language on Economic Behavior: Examining the Causal Link between Future Tense and Time Preference in the Lab. European Economic Review, 120.
  • Tai-Sen He and Fuhai Hong. (2018). Risk Breeds Risk Aversion. Experimental Economics, 21(4), 815-835.

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