Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof Qian Shunzhi

Assistant Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Asst Prof Qian Shunzhi

Dr. Qian Shunzhi received a BSE and MSE from Southeast University (SEU) in 1998 and 2001, respectively; and a PhD from University of Michigan (UM) in 2007. Prior to joining NTU, Dr Qian was an associate professor at SEU, Nanjing, China (2009-2013) and a postdoctoral researcher at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands (2007-2009). His areas of expertise include the development of advanced civil engineering materials, such as bendable concrete ECC, self healing material and their structural applications, life cycle assessment of civil infrastructures, and highway engineering. Dr. Qian has published more than 40 top level journal and conference papers. His work on “Bending Test and Inverse Analysis for Strain Hardening Cementitious Composites (SHCC)” has been recommended by RILEM TC-HFC as a standard test method for SHCC material. He has served as principal investigator for eight research projects, including two Chinese National Science Foundation (NSF-C) projects and one Jiangsu Provincial NSF project. His awards include 2012 Jiangsu TRI Teaching Award by SEU; 2011 Top Talents Award in Six Major Disciplines by Jiangsu Provincial Ministry of Construction; 2010 Teaching and Research Excellence Award for Young Faculty Member by SEU; 2006 Nominee for Graham Environmental Sustainability Fellowship by UM; 2005 Travel Grant Awards for International Conferences by UM; and 2001 John L. Tishman Fellowship by UM. Dr. Qian is a member of IALCEE, IA-FRAMCOS, RILEM TC-HFC and TC-SHM, TRB, and Chinese Society of Civil Engineering (CSCE).
Research Interests
Innovative and smart construction materials
Sustainable design and construction
Life cycle assessment
Current Projects
  • GIS-based Lifecycle Durability Assessment of Underground Infrastructures
  • Programme: Building and Construction
  • Recovery and Microbial Synthesis of High-value Aquaculture Feed Additives from Food-processing Wastewater
  • Self-healing concrete with dual-layer precipitation assisted with magnetic field and hydrogels
  • Substitution of Natural Sand with Granite Dust in Concrete Production
Selected Publications
  • Yiwei Weng, Shaoqin Ruan, Mingyang Li, Liwu Mo, Cise Unluer, Ming Jen Tan, Shunzhi Qian. (2019). Feasibility study on sustainable magnesium potassium phosphate cement paste for 3D printing. Construction and Building Materials, 221, 595-603.

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