Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Sunil C. Joshi

Associate Chair (Academic), School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Associate Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Assoc Prof Sunil C. Joshi

Dr. Sunil C. Joshi obtained his M. Tech. degree in Aeronautical Engineering with aircraft structures specialization. He received his Ph.D. degree from Monash University (Australia) for his work on composites manufacturing processes. Prior to that he was a Scientist at National Aerospace laboratories, Bangalore, India, where he was part of the composite structures group from 1988 to 1994.

He has been an academic staff in the School of Mechanical Aerospace Engineering since 2000, presently part of Aerospace Engineering cluster. His expertise lies in the domain of Material and Structures and his teaching includes courses such as, Advanced Materials Engineering, and Structures and Materials. He was a member of XSAT, Singapore's first in-house designed and developed micro-satellite, team, where served as the team leader for the thermal controls sub-system.He was twice the chairperson of the AE accreditation committee that worked towards the accreditation of the BEng (AE) programme. He also served an area editor for an Elsevier Journal and often gets invited as reviewer for a number of premier journals.

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Research Interests
His research expertise emcompass - Process modelling for composites, Transition mechanisms in hydrogels, Novel composites, and Thermal controls for micro-satellites.
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The current and past research activities include -

** Numerical simulation and optimization of composites manufacturing processes:
- FE/NCV approach for heat and mass transfer simulation in fabrication assemblies for prepreg moulding,
resin transfer moulding, resin film infusion processes
- Modelling resin curing, mould filling, resin film infusion, polymer crystallization phenomena
- Simulation of pultrusion process for monolithic and sandwich panels
- Optimization of pultrusion parameters including resin shrinkage

** Polymer blends and thermo-sensitive hydrogels:
- Studies on rheological behaviour, shear heating in injection moulding
- Modelling of ceramic tape casting, polymer blends processing, demoulding
- Thermo-reversibility of physical hydrogels
- Simulation of gelation/ degelation of hydrogels
- Fluid uptake and drug release of HPMC tablets

** Design, analysis and testing of thermal controls for micro-satellites:
- Outgassing and surface characterization of thermal control coatings
- Thermal analysis of spacecrafts in orbit
- Modelling for thermal radiation properties of coated substrates
- Plasma-spray coatings
- Thermal vacuum and balance testing of micro-spacecrafts
- Qualification testing of spacecraft test appendages

** Fibre reinforced and other composites:
- Studies on delamination, composite repairs and joints
- Failure analysis of the aircraft tail sections, composite bridge deck sections
- Behaviour of woven composites and FMLs
- Hygrothermal testing of polymer composites
- Nano-engineered composites
- Silica aerogel composites (patent filed, licensed, for its launch media release, visit
Current Projects
  • Carbon Fibre Thin Piles and Thermoplastic Matrix ("TPTP") applied to structural sports products in mass production
  • Embedded Machine for Hostile Environment on More Electric Engines
  • Innovation carbon composites technology platform for new design, materials and process solutions for tennis and badminton rackets and other hollow sports products in the context of mass production in Asia
  • Innovative carbon composite technology platform for new design, materials and process solutions for tennis and badminton racketsin the context of mass production in Asia
  • Matching Grant for Collaboration with Finmeccanica
  • NTUSG50 ISS-Nanosat
  • Phase Change Materials for Satellite Thermal Management
  • Polymer Matrix Composites Programme
  • Research Collaboration with Finmeccanica
  • Thin Piles C-Ply NCF with Epoxy prepreg ("TPTP") and injection ("TPEI") compared with a standard epoxy prepreg in the context of mass production of hollow composite sport products in Asia
Selected Publications
  • Joshi, S.C., Chen, X. (2011). Time-Variant Simulation of Multi-Material Thermal Pultrusion. Applied Composite Materials, in press(in press), 1-14.
  • Ali M., Joshi S.C.,. (2011). Impact Damage Resistance of CFRP Prepreg Laminates with Dispersed CSP Particles into Ply Interfaces. International Journal of Damage Mechanics, online(before print).
  • Joshi Sunil C., Dikshit V. (2011). Enhancing Interlaminar Fracture Characteristics of Woven CFRP prepreg Composites through CNT dispersion. Journal of Composite Materials, 46, 665-675.
  • Jin Zhanli, Sunil Chandrakant Joshi, Nesamani Gilbert Justin Jose, Chan Poh Keong, Ying Teck Mun, Paul, Goh Cher Hiang. (2010). Data Analysis and Correlation for Thermal Balance Test on a Micro-Satellite Model. Heat Transfer Engineering, 31(3), 222-233.
  • Sunil C. JoshiB. Chen. (2009). Influence of surfactant properties on thermal behaviour and sol-gel transitions in surfactant-HPMC mixtures. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 113(5), 2887-2893.

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