Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Yap Fook Fah

Associate Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Assoc Prof Yap Fook Fah

Academic Qualifications: BA(Hons) First Class with Distinction - University of Cambridge - 1989
PhD - University of Cambridge - 1993
Professional Qualifications/Memberships: (State date of membership)
Summary of Working Experience: (with dates)
17 Nov 1993 - 31 Dec 1998 Lecturer, NTU
1 Jan 1999 - 31 Dec 2000 Assistant Professor, NTU
1 Jan 2001 - Associate Professor, NTU
Research Interests
1. Mechanics of micro-systems, in particular the dynamic analysis of multi-component
systems for high capacity, high speed data storage. Currently manager of Centre
for Mechanics of Micro-Systems.
2. Virtual prototyping and simulation of complex mechanical systems
3. Dynamics of damped structures and vibration control using magneto-rheological fluid
damping technology.
Current Projects
  • Driving Simulation as an assessment of elderly driver fitness to drive and driver rehabilitation method
  • Experimental dynamic testing of hard disk drives and dynamic analysis
  • ITTF Lab @ ISR
  • Project AV
  • Project XO-Derivation of Design Methodology on Vibration Isolation through Performing Ruggedization of COTS Oscillator
  • Reducing Fuel Consumption Using Flywheel Battery Technology For Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes in Container Terminals
  • Reducing Fuel Consumption Using Flywheel Battery Technology for Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes in Container Terminals
  • Research Program In Mechanics of Microsystems (Phase II)
  • Shock Mitigation and Analysis
Selected Publications
  • Kai Hou Tan, Yap Fook Fah. (2017). Reducing Fuel Consumption Using Flywheel Battery Technology for Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes in Container Terminals. Journal of Power and Energy Engineering , 5(7), 15-33.
  • Ashkan Haji Hosseinloo, Fook Fah Yap, Siow Pin Tan, Kok Chuan Toh. (2014). Shock and vibration protection of submerged jet impingement cooling systems: Theory and experiment. Applied Thermal Engineering, 73(1), 1076-1086.
  • AH Hosseinloo, FF Yap, ET Chua. (2014). Random vibration protection of a double-chamber submerged jet impingement cooling system: A continuous model. Aerospace Science and Technology, .
  • Yap F.F., Chen G. (2014). An Introduction to Planar Dynamics. Cengage Learning Asia.
  • Ashkan Haji Hosseinloo, Nader Vahdati, Fook Fah Yap. (2013). A Parametric Shock Analysis of Spade-Less, Lightweight, Wheeled, Military Vehicles Subjected To Cannon Firing Impact: A Feasibility Study of Spade Removal. International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration, 18(4).

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