Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof Aron Jeffrey Meltzner

Assistant Professor, Asian School of the Environment

Asst Prof Aron Jeffrey Meltzner

Aron Meltzner’s research interests lie in active tectonics and in intricately related topics such as past sea level and glacial isostatic adjustment, which bear on questions of tectonic deformation at millennial timescales. Aron received a PhD in 2010 from California Institute of Technology, focusing on coral paleoseismology along the Sunda megathrust off Sumatra. Beginning in 2010, Aron was a Research Fellow (later a Senior Research Fellow) at the Earth Observatory of Singapore, where he began focusing on relative sea level on the Sunda Shelf and on the neotectonics of the Manila trench off western Luzon. Aron recently joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor in the Asian School of the Environment.
Research Interests
• neotectonics, paleoseismology, paleogeodesy, and tectonic geomorphology
• earthquake recurrence, rupture repeatability, fault segmentation, and fault interactions
• temporal variability in interseismic deformation and strain accumulation
• Holocene relative sea-level change and glacial isostatic adjustment
Current Projects
  • Luzon Paleoseismology
  • Paleoseismology and Paleogeodesy of Southeast Asia
  • Sea-level and land-level change in Southeast Asia: A geological approach to quantifying hazard from rising seas and earthquakes
  • Sea-level and land-level change in Southeast Asia: A geological approach to quantifying hazard from rising seas and earthquakes
  • Start up funding - Aron Meltzner
Selected Publications
  • Majewski, J.M., A.D. Switzer, A.J. Meltzner, P.R. Parham, B.P. Horton, S.L. Bradley, J. Pile, H.-W. Chiang, X. Wang, C.T. Ng, J. Tanzil, M. Müller, and A. Mujahid. (2018). Holocene relative sea-level records from coral microatolls in Western Borneo, South China Sea. The Holocene, .
  • Morgan, P.M., L. Feng, A.J. Meltzner, E.O. Lindsey, L.L.H. Tsang, and E.M. Hill. (2017). Sibling earthquakes generated within a persistent rupture barrier on the Sunda megathrust under Simeulue Island. Geophysical Research Letters, 44, 2159-2166.
  • Meltzner, A.J., A.D. Switzer, B.P. Horton, E. Ashe, Q. Qiu, D.F. Hill, S.L. Bradley, R.E. Kopp, E.M. Hill, J.M. Majewski, D.H. Natawidjaja, and B.W. Suwargadi. (2017). Half-metre sea-level fluctuations on centennial timescales from mid-Holocene corals of Southeast Asia. Nature Communications, 8, 14387.
  • Tsang, L.L.H., A.J. Meltzner, E.M. Hill, J.T. Freymueller, and K. Sieh. (2015). A paleogeodetic record of variable interseismic rates and megathrust coupling at Simeulue Island, Sumatra. Geophysical Research Letters, 42(24), 10585-10594.
  • Meltzner, A.J., K. Sieh, H.-W. Chiang, C.-C. Wu, L.L.H. Tsang, C.-C. Shen, E.M. Hill, B.W. Suwargadi, D.H. Natawidjaja, B. Philibosian, and R.W. Briggs. (2015). Time-varying interseismic strain rates and similar seismic ruptures on the Nias-Simeulue patch of the Sunda megathrust.. Quaternary Science Reviews, 122, 258-281.

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