Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Mr Lim Kim Song

Teaching Associate, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences

Phone: +65 63162983
Office: SPMS-PAP 02 08
Mr Lim Kim Song

I graduated with a Mathematics degree from NUS in 1996 and obtained my M.Sc from NTU SPMS, Mathematical Science Department in 2014. My master thesis is on the Verification and Discretization of the Atiyah-Singer Index theory on a two dimensional Dirac operator. I like to see the application of mathematics in physics and currently have some interest in string and the index theory.
Research Interests
Currently, I've some interest in string theory, in particular on the compactification of Superstring and M theory via Calabi-Yau Manifold. I've also some interest in looking at the probabilistic proof of the Atiyah-Index theory and its application in theoretical physics.

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