Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof Kevin Andrew Riordan

Assistant Professor, School of Humanities

Asst Prof Kevin Andrew Riordan

Kevin Riordan is an Assistant Professor in the School of Humanities. He received his PhD from the University of Minnesota and a BA from Amherst College in English and Theater & Dance. Prior to joining NTU, he taught in the Writing Program at NYU Abu Dhabi where he was also Associate Director of the Writing Center. In 2018, he was a Writing Fellow at the Johannesburg Institute of Advanced Study, and he has recently co-founded the Modernist Studies in Asia (MSIA) research network. Riordan's research examines shifting understandings of global time and space in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and he currently is working on a performance history of the around-the-world tour. In addition to his academic interests, Riordan is a Resident Artist in the New York–based performance group Theater Mitu.
Research Interests
Theater and Performance
Comparative and World Literatures
Current Projects
  • (1) Around-the-World Modernism: Circulations in Jules Verne's Wake (2) Moving World Theater
Selected Publications
  • Rebecca Kastleman, Kevin Riordan, Claire Warden. (2019). Modernism on the World Stage. Modernism/Modernity, Print Plus.
  • Kevin Riordan. (2018). Jean Cocteau's Around-the-World Performance. Modernism/Modernity, 25(4), 633-654.
  • Kevin Riordan. (2017). Itinerant Cinema and the Moving Image of Modernism's Borders. Affirmations: of the modern, 5(1), 106-125.
  • Kevin Riordan. (2017). Performance in the Wartime Archive: Michio Ito at the Alien Enemy Hearing Board. American Studies, 55/56(4/1), 67-89.
  • Kevin Riordan. (2015). Hiroshi Sugimoto and the photography of theatre. Performance Research, 20(2), 102-111.

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