Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Dr Tay Kian Boon

Senior Lecturer, School of Computer Science and Engineering

Dr Tay Kian Boon

1. Asst professor in NUS Math dept for 6 years;
2. 17 years as scientist/senior scientist at CSIT doing infocomm security research-studied strength and security of crypto protocols & algorithms.

Education Background:
• PhD MIT 1994, Math
• MSc NUS 1989, Math
• BSc Hons NUS 1988, Math
Research Interests
• Public Key algorithms
• Security of crypto algorithms, protocols & Random Number Generators
• Discrete Math (combinatorics, number theory)
• Mathematical analysis
Selected Publications
  • Ka Hin Leung, San Ling, Siu Lun Ma, Kian Boon Tay. (1998). Almost perfect sequences with $ \theta = 2 $. Archiv der Mathematik, 70(2), 128-131.
  • kian boon tay. (1997). Multipliers from a Banach-Valued Group Algebra to a Lipschitz Space. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 210(2), 688-701.

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