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Academic Profile

Dr Ken Lee

Senior Lecturer, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences - Division of Chemistry & Biological Che
Assistant Chair (Safety)

Dr Ken Lee

Dr. Ken Lee received his B.Sc. (Hons) and Ph.D. degrees in Chemistry from the National University of Singapore and later spent 3 years working in a drug discovery and development company as a medicinal chemist. He spent more than 12 years with Singapore Polytechnic, holding various academic, research and management positions. He joined NTU as a Senior Lecturer in July 2019. Ken enjoys strong networking with various industries, and has strong links with the relevant government agencies. Ken also works very closely with new start-ups by providing consultancy services. He is also a Technical Assessor with Singapore Accreditation Council where he has obtained a Distinguished Award in 2016.
Research Interests
Our research focuses on Chemical Technologies and how to translate academic discoveries into practical solutions in Synthesis, Sensing and Sustainability. In Synthesis, we are interested in high-throughput experimentation, automated synthesis using robots, flow chemistry and Chembeads technology. In Sensing, we are interested to develop rapid detection methods for water pathogens and other microorganisms. In Sustainability, we are interested to develop viable solutions in heterogeneous food waste recycling and biovalorisation of homogeneous discarded food processing by-products.
Current Projects
  • Development of Chemoenzymatic Reactions using Nanomoles of Solid Reagents on Glass Beads
  • Rapid Detection of Foodborne Pathogens Using Thermosensitive Liposomes

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