Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof Francis Wong

Assistant Professor, School of Humanities

Asst Prof Francis Wong

I worked in the area of connectionist modelling for my Ph.D. at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I then turned into brain imaging with an ultimate goal to study how the brain works to support cognition and behaviour. This has led to my post-doctoral training at Northwestern University. Currently my research focuses on studying, using techniques from brain imaging and artificial language learning paradigms, how speech processing is supported by a network of brain areas.
Research Interests
Cognitive neuroscience
Psycho / Neurolinguistics
Communication disorders
Current Projects
  • Audiological Rehabilitation for Speech Perception in Noise Difficulty -NTU
  • Audiological rehabilitation for speech perception in noise difficulty (MOH Funded)
  • Behavioural and Functional Studies of the Hearing Brain
  • Early brain signature to meaning integration during sentence comprehension: An event-related potential study
  • Predicting Reading (Dis)Ability: Advancing Early Intervention
  • Speech perception in noisy environment
  • What makes a successful word learner? An individual differences approach.
Selected Publications
  • Ong, J. H., Tan, S. H., Chan, A. H. D., & Wong, F. C. K.(2019). The effect of musical experience and congenital amusia on lexical tone perception, production, and learning: A review. Speech learning, perception, and production: Multidisciplinary approaches in Chinese language researchThe Springer series on Chinese Language Learning Sciences.
  • Wong, F. C. K., Antoniou, M., & Wong, P. C. M.(2019). Neurological Aspects of Audition and Perception. In R.-A. Knight & J. Setter(Ed), The Cambridge Handbook of PhoneticsCambridge University Press.
  • Maggu, A., Wong, P. C. M., Liu, H., & Wong, F. C. K.(2018). Experience-dependent influence of music and language on lexical pitch learning is not additive. Proceedings of the 19th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association (Interspeech)(3791-3794)..
  • Maggu, A., Wong, P. C. M., Antoniou, M., Bones, O., Liu, H., Wong, F. C. K. (2018). Effects of combination of linguistic and musical pitch experience on subcortical pitch encoding. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 47, 145-155.
  • Lau, F., Luke, K.K., Chan, A.H.D., & Wong, F. C. K. (2017, January). The influence of lexical label on a bilingual’s perceptual decision while operating in different languages. Paper presented at The 11th International Symposium on Bilingualism, Ireland.

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