Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof So Ping Lam

Associate Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Assoc Prof So Ping Lam

Dr So Ping Lam received his B.Eng. degree with first class honors in Electrical Engineering from the University of Warwick in 1993, and his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Power Systems from Imperial College, University of London in 1997.
He joined China Light and Power Company Limited, Hong Kong, as a General Assistant Engineer in 1980 and later as a Second Engineer working in the field of power system protection until 1991.
Dr So joined Nanyang Technological University (NTU) as a Lecturer in Oct 1997 and then Assistant Professor in Jan 1999, and was promoted to Associate Professor in Oct 2005. While with NTU, he holds the concurrent appointment of Program Director (Power Line Communications) of the Network Technology Research Centre since April 1993. He is leading a team of academic professors, research staff, Ph.D. students in spearheading research efforts in developing advanced power line communication technologies and systems. His research work on power line communications has attained international recognition when his team has received three best paper awards at international conferences recently.
His current research also includes (i) distributed energy systems which incorporate distributed energy resources such as fuel cells, solar cells, wind turbines and microturbines, (ii) electric vehicles, (iii) energy management systems, (iv) microgrids, and (v) smart grids. Dr So has published more than 70 technical papers in international journals and conference proceedings. He has served as a Session Chairman in many international conferences. He has also served as a reviewer for a number of premier journals, including IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, etc. Dr So is a Chartered Engineer, a Member of IET, a Member of IES, and a Senior Member of IEEE. Currently he is the Chairman of the IEEE Singapore Section, a Member of the Electrical Testing Technical Committee, Singapore Accreditation Council, and a Member of Working Group under the purview of the Telecommunications Standards Technical Committee, Infocomm Development Authority (iDA) of Singapore.
Research Interests
Dr So's areas of expertise are power system stability and control, FACTS, active power filters, and power line communications. His current research works focus on distributed generation, clean and renewable energy, microgrids and smart grids.
Current Projects
  • An Enhanced Condition Monitoring System For Gas Pipes Using Fiber Optic Sensors
  • Cyber-Physical Attacks in Transmission Systems Using Digital Twin
Selected Publications
  • T. S. Pang, P. L. So and K. Y. See. (2010). Feasibility Study of a New Injection Method for EMI Reduction in Indoor Broadband PLC Networks. IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, 25(4), 2392-2398.
  • C. J. Gajanayake, F.L. Luo, H.B. Gooi, P.L. So and L.K. Siow. (2010). Extended Boost Z-source Inverters. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 25(10), 2642-2652.
  • B. Sivaneasan, E. Gunawan, and P. L. So. (2010). Modeling and Performance Analysis of Automatic Meter Reading Systems using PLC under Impulsive Noise Interference. IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, 25(3), 1465-1475.
  • K. H. Kwan, Y. C. Chu and P. L. So. (2009). Model-Based H-Infinity Control of a Unified Power Quality Conditioner. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 56(7), 2493-2504.
  • Y. H. Ma, P. L. So and E. Gunawan. (2008). Comparison of CDMA and OFDM Systems for Broadband Power Line Communications. IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, 23(4), 1876-1885.

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