Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Liu Yu

Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Prof Liu Yu

Dr Liu Yu is currently Associate Professor in the School of CEE. He received his Master and Ph.D. degrees from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquees-Toulouse, France. His research interests include biogranulation, biofilms and biological nutrient removal. Together with other three CEE colleagues, he received the Singapore National Technology Award in 2003, and he has published over 110 SCI-tracked journal papers and 5 books. He has been invited as a reviewer for about 40 internatinal journals including almost all top journals in the fields of environmental biotechnology and engineering.
Research Interests
Dr. Liu has about 20 years of experience in environmental biotechnology, and has the interests in biological nutrient removal, biogranulation and biofilm technology, molecular mechanism and cellular signaling of biogranulation, granular sludge membrane bioreactor, enhanced anaerobic process for low-strength organic wastewater treatment and integrated approach for water reclamation.
Current Projects
  • A novel environmentally friendly integrated pre-concentration and solidification technology for radioactive wastewater treatment
  • Demonstration of Integrated Used Water Reclamation Processes Towards Enhanced Energy Recovery and Minimised Sludge Production
  • Pilot Demonstration of Ultrafast Conversion of Food Waste to Biofertiliser with Zero Solid Discharge
  • SUG fund Transfer from Wong Chuen Yung, Phipip
Selected Publications
  • Zhang Meng, Gu Jun, Liu Yu*. (2019). Engineering feasibility, economic viability and environmental sustainability of energy recovery from nitrous oxide in biological wastewater treatment plant. Bioresource Technology, 282, 514-519.
  • Zhen Gao, Yingqun Ma, Xiaoyu Ma, Qunhui Wang, Yu Liu. (2019). A novel variable pH control strategy for enhancing lipid production from food waste: Biodiesel versus docosahexaenoic acid. Energy Conversion and Management, 189, 60-66.
  • Liu Hang, Sun Huifang, Zhang Meng, Liu Yu*. (2019). Dynamics of microbial community and tetracycline resistance genes in biological nutrient removal process. Journal of Environmental Management, 238, 84-91.
  • Huifang Sun, Hang Liu, Siyu Wang, Yu Liu*. (2019). Remediation of oil spill-contaminated sands by chemical-free microbubbles generated in tap and saline water. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 366.
  • Yingqun Ma, Jun Gu, Yu Liu. (2018). Evaluation of anaerobic digestion of food waste and waste activated sludge: Soluble COD versus its chemical composition. Science of the total environment, 643, 21-27.

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