Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Dr Yu Chin-Wen Kenneth

Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences

Dr Yu Chin-Wen Kenneth

Bachelor of Sciences (honours)in Physiology and Microbiology - University of Western Australia

PhD in Physiology and biochemistry - University of Western Australia

Postgrad Diploma in Health Sciences - Curtin University, Australia

Postdoctoral fellow - Stanford University School of Medicine
Research Interests
Metabolism of lipoproteins and atherosclerosis
Selected Publications
  • Lee, SJ, Kadambi, S., Yu, Kenneth.C.-W., David, C., Azhar, S., Cooper, A.D. and Choi, S.Y. (2005). Removal of chylomicron remnants in transgenic mice overexpressing normal and membrane-anchored hepatic lipase. Journal of Lipid Research, 46, 27-35.
  • Kenneth C-W. Yu, Christopher David, Sujata Kadambi, Andreas Stahl, Ken-Ichi Hirata, Tatsuro Ishida, Thomas Quertermous, Allen D. Cooper, and Sungshin Y. Choi. (2004). Endothelial lipase is synthesized by hepatic and aorta endothelial cells and its expression is altered in apoE-deficient mice. Journal of Lipid Research, 45, 1614-1623.

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