Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Law Wing-Keung, Adrian

Associate Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Director, Environmental Process Modelling Centre, Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute (NEWRI)

Assoc Prof Law Wing-Keung, Adrian

Dr Law obtained his B.Eng. degree from the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Hong Kong, and M. Sc. and Ph.D. from the Department of Civil Engineering, University of California at Berkeley. His first professional job was with Hydro-Research Science that performed physical and numerical modeling analysis related to hydraulics, coastal and water resources projects for government and private companies. Subsequently he was with the Geotechnical and Hydraulic Engineering Service of the Bechtel Corporation working on a wide area of hydraulic and coastal engineering, with primary focus on numerical modeling. From 1995 he has been teaching hydraulic and coastal engineering in the Nanyang Technological University.
Research Interests
Research in environmental fluid mechanics with special emphasis on wastewater disposal and impact, environmental hydraulics in wastewater treatment processes, pollutant transport in coastal environment, and advanced laser imaging techniques for measurements.
Current Projects
  • Application for travel support under the Joint Call for Proposals in Maritime Research between Norway and Singapore (MNS)
  • Development of DHI-NTU Centre Tranche 2
  • Development of Enhanced Utilization Methodologies for Slagging Gasification
  • Digital Twinning of Secure Water Treatment Facilities
  • Flooding - Development of 3D Visualisation Platform for Flood and Transport Resillency
  • Investigation of Cleansing Biotopes for Surface Runoff in Singapore's Context
  • Low speed manoeuvring of an ogive cylinder using pulsating jets
  • New soil-water management technologies for sustainable urban greenery
  • Study, Analysis And Development of Numerical Models for Floating Structures
Selected Publications
  • Mingtao Jiang, Adrian Wing‑Keung Law, Adrian C. H. Lai. (2019). Turbulence characteristics of 45° inclined dense jets. Environmental Fluid Mechanics, 19(1), 27-54.
  • Mingtao Jiang, Adrian Wing-Keung Law. (2018). Mixing of swirling inclined dense jets – A numerical study. Journal of Hydro-Environment Research, 21(2018), 118-130.
  • Adrian W. K. Law, Chunyan Tang. (2016). Industrial Water Treatment and Industrial Marine Outfalls - Achieving the Right Balance. Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering, 10(4), 472-479.
  • Er, JW; Law, AWK; Adams, EE. (2016). Proceedings of the Second Conference of Global Chinese Scholars on Hydrodynamics (CCSH'2016), Vols 1 & 2: Gravity currents due to barged sediment disposal. 2nd Conference of Global Chinese Scholars on Hydrodynamics (CCSH '2016) (pp. 1034-1039)People's Republic of China: China Ocean Press.
  • Er JW, Law AWK, Adams EE, Zhao B. (2016). Open-Water Disposal of Barged Sediments. Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering, 142(5), 04016006.

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