Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof Christopher Peter Trigg

Assistant Professor, School of Humanities

Asst Prof Christopher Peter Trigg

Christopher Trigg is an Assistant Professor in the Division of English. He received a PhD in English and an MA in Medieval Studies from the University of Toronto. He also holds an MA in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic from the University of Cambridge. Before joining NTU he has taught at the University of Toronto, Trinity College in the University of Toronto, and Queens' and Newnham Colleges at the University of Cambridge. His current research focuses on Cotton Mather (1663-1728), the most prolific, and arguably the most influential colonial American theologian.
Research Interests
The American Puritans
The Radical Enlightenment
Political Theology
Religion in American Literature
Current Projects
  • Cotton Mather's Political Theologies
  • The Quick and the Dead: Resurrection Theology and the Futures of Human Mortality
Selected Publications
  • Christopher Trigg. (2018). Islam, Puritanism, and Secular Time. American Literature, 90(4), 815-839.
  • Christopher Trigg. (2018, March). Robed in White: The Racial Politics of Cotton Mather's Millennium. Paper presented at Society of Early Americanists, Washington University in St Louis.
  • Christopher Trigg. (2018). Drones, Hobbes, and Liberal Enchantment. Political Theology, TBA(TBA), TBA.
  • Christopher Trigg. (2017, March). The Bones of Joseph: Cotton Mather, Benjamin Colman, and the Politics of the First Resurrection. Paper presented at Society of Early Americanists Biennial Conference 2017, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • Christopher Trigg. (2015). Bureaucracy in America: Reading Ryan's Budget with Agamben. Canadian Review of American Studies, 45(2), 213-237.

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