Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Chen Charng Ning

Emeritus Professor
Quality Service Manager, President's Office

Prof Chen Charng Ning

Professor Emeritus, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, (since 2001)
Professor & Deputy President, NTU (1991-2000)
Professor & Dean, School of Civil & Structural Engineering, NTU (1981-1996)
Chairman, Building & Construction Authority, Ministry of National Development, Singapore (1999-2001)

Educational background
1961 Cheng-Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan, China; B. Sc.
1964 State University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA; M. Sc.
1970 Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Ph.D.

Academic and professional qualifications:
Fellow of Singapore Academy of Engineering (SAEng), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES); Senior Member of International Association of Hydraulic Engineering (IAHR).

Singapore Registered Professional Engineer in Civil Engineering (1983); Registered Professional Engineer in Civil Engineering, N.J., USA (1977).

Specialization in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering and Management:
• Hydrologic Analysis and Design of Hydraulic Structures: Hydrologic analyses for water supply, flood control, and hydro power developments; Design of hydraulic structures and appurtenances.

• Flood Control and Storm Water Management: flood frequency analyses, routing & damage assessment, structural & non-structural control measures, benefit-cost analysis, flood insurance, and EIS. Early Warning Systems (EWS)

• Urban Storm Water Management: Impact of urbanization; Best Management Practices (BMP) and Low Impact Development (LID)

• Groundwater Investigation and Seepage Analysis: geophysical exploration, borehole and well installations, pumping tests and aquifer analysis, subsidence, and numerical model simulations & aquifer management.

• Coastal Engineering: winds, waves, tides, hurricane surges, estuarine hydrodynamics, salt water intrusions, tidal inlet stability, ocean outfalls, coastal processes, breakwater designs and shoreline protections.

• Physical and mathematical modelling of hydraulic, hydrologic and environmental systems: surface water, ground water, closed-conduit flow, coastal processes, and ocean outfall hydraulics.

• Transient Hydraulics: water hammer and surge analyses, unsteady open channel flows, and unsteady ground water flows and seepage analyses.

• Erosion and Sedimentation: stream turbidity; dredging & disposal of sediments; sedimentation processes in coastal land reclamation; reservoir & basin sedimentation & trap efficiency; and on-site vs. off-site control of construction-related erosion & sedimentation.

• River Engineering & Morphology: channel form & process; stream profiles and bed material; channel aggradations & degradations; stream-bank erosion & protections; scours & protections of bridge piers and abutments

• Stream Corridor Restoration: hydrologic, hydraulic & geomorphic processes; physical, chemical & biological properties; stream corridor functions; planning, design & implementation of SCR projects; and channel stabilization and bank protections by structural & vegetative measures.

• Wind tunnel investigation of building & structural aerodynamics and environments.

Work Experience:

• In the sixties, employed by international consulting firms in New York on engineering & management practices. Project areas include flood control, storm-water runoff management, flood insurance, irrigation, surface & ground water supply, soil erosion and sediment control in urbanizing watersheds, coastal engineering, and hydroelectric power.
• Since the eighties, he conducted teaching and research at NTU in Singapore on coastal & water resources eng, urban hydrology,SCR, and integrated flood risk management modelling. In addition, he offered consulting services on flood control & storm drainage, shore protection, coastal structure, bay inlets, and stream corridor disturbance analysis & restoration in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos,
Research Interests
His current research interests include: development of integrated simulation models for catastrophe flood risk assessments and management; Low Impact Development (LID) in storm-water management of urban watersheds; stream corridor restoration for watersheds affected by urbanization and other natural & man-made disturbances; and advancement of the method for estimating reservoir trap efficiency, incorporating sediment gradation and runoff magnitudes into the formulation.
Selected Publications
  • Chen, C.N., Law, A.W.K. and Sun, W.D. (1999). Measures to Mitigate the Formation of Sandbars at Coastal Drainage Outlets. Proceeding, 2nd Seminar on Joint Research Between ENV, May 31, 1999..
  • Shuy, E.B., Chui, P.C., Chen, C.N., Chua Hock Chye. (1999). Entrainment across a density interface inside a cylindrical tank with a concentric base opening. Journal of Hydraulic Research, 37(1), 253-267.
  • Shuy, E.B., Chua, H.C., Chui, P.C., Chen, C.N. (1998). Feasibility of storing freshwater in floating tanks in the sea. Journal of Hydraulic Research, .
  • Shuy, E.B., Chui, P.C., Chen, C.N., Chua Hock Chye. (1998). Unified entrainment equation for turbulent mixing in rectangular and cylindrical compartments induced by an under flow.
  • Shuy, E.B., Chen, C.N. (1998). Flow and entrainment characteristics of density stratified liquids in a slotted compartment induced by a submerged flow stream.

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