Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Chia Wai Mun

Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences
Co-Director, Economic Growth Centre (reappointment), School of Social Sciences (SSS)

Assoc Prof Chia Wai Mun

Chia Wai Mun obtained her Bachelor degree in Economics from the University of London with a First Class Honors in 1996. She received the Datuk Paduka Hajjah Saleha Ali Outstanding Award for her exceptional academic performance at international level in 1997. She was granted the London School of Economics Scholarship to pursue her Master degree at LSE in 1998. She obtained her PhD degree at NTU in 2006. She is currently assistant professor at NTU. Before joining NTU, she was an industry analyst at the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers and a lecturer at HELP University College, Kuala Lumpur. She has published her work in some refereed journals and presented at various international conferences. She also serves as an assistant editor to the Singapore Economic Review.
Research Interests
Prof Chia's areas of interest include international macroeconomics and cost-benefit analysis. Her current researach work focuses on the effects of real and nominal shocks in a small open economy under different exchange rate regimes, research issues related to Asian economic integration and estimation of value of a statistical life.
Current Projects
  • Asymmetric Responses to Oil Price Shocks and Open Economy Dual-instrument in a DSGE Framework
  • Capital Flows and Instability in Foreign Exchange Market
  • Electrification Suite and Test Lab (ESTL)
  • Environmental Valuation: The Intangible Costs of Haze Pollution
  • External Stocks and Exchange Rate Regimes in Small Open Economy
  • How much are people willing to pay for reduced air pollution and noise pollution? A contingent valuation study
  • Wage Inflation Targeting and Wage Policy in a Small Open Economy
Selected Publications
  • Wai-Mun Chia, Mengling Li, Yang Tang. (2017). Public and Private Housing Market Dynamics in Singapore: the Role of Fundamentals. Journal of Housing Economics, 36, 44-61.
  • Wai-Mun Chia, Mengling Li and Huanhuan Zheng. (2017). Behavioral Heterogeneity in the Australian Housing Market. Applied Economics, 9, 872-885.
  • Wai-Mun Chia, Hui Ying Sng, Liyu Dou, Pradumna B Rana. (2017). Catalyst of Business Cycle Synchronization in East Asia. The Singapore Economic Review, 62, 703-719.
  • Yand Zhang, Mengling Li and Wai-Mun Chia. (2014). Foreign Interest Rate Shock and Exchange Rate Regimes in East Asia. Applied Economics, 21(46), 2488-2501.
  • Wai-Mun Chia, Yothin Jinjarak, Pradumna B Rana, Taojun Xie. (2014). Net Foreign Assets and Macroeconomic Volatility. Journal of Asian Economics, 34, 42-53.

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