Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Thirumany Sritharan

Associate Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering

Assoc Prof Thirumany Sritharan

Professor T. Sritharan is currently in the School of Materials Science and Engineering. He joined NTU in May 1992, a few months after the launch of the Materials Engineering program in NTU. He obtained his Bachelor's degree from the University of Sri Lanka, Peradeniya in 1975 and then proceeded to the University of Sheffield, UK to do a Postgraduate Diploma in Metallurgy (1977) followed by PhD (1981). He was awarded the Brunton Medal for research at Sheffield University. He then proceeded to The University of Melbourne for postdoctoral research and then joined the Comalco Research Centre, Melbourne as a Research Scientist in aluminium alloys. He has more than 60 top journal papers and is a frequent reviewer to J. Materials Research and Appl Phys Letters.
Research Interests
Prof Sritharan's research expertise are in the areas of experimental processing and characterization of ceramics and metallics with focus on (a) multiferroic ceramic thin films, (b) barrier layers and inerface phenomena, and (c) nanostructured magnetic materials. His current projects are in the development of mutliferroic materials with magnetoelectric coupling for applications in spintronics, Ru-based diffusion barrier layers for Cu metallization, interface interactions in electronic packages, and the effects of nanostructure on the magnetic properties.
Current Projects
  • Application of Nano-Materials
  • Carbon Nanotube Grafting on Carbon Fibres to Improve Interface Strength of Composites and other Functional Applications
  • Development of Multiferroic Material for New Synergistic Applications
  • Innovative manufacturing processes for low cost flexible GaAs solar cells
  • NTU Perovskite Intra Create Project
  • Novel Organic-Inorganic Perovskites For PhotovoltaicApplications
  • Singapore-Berkeley Research Initiative For Sustainable Energy (SinBeRISE)
Selected Publications
  • R Amini, H Shokrollahi, E Salahinejad , MJ Hadianford, , M Marasi, T Sritharan. (2009). Microstructural, thermal and magnetic properties of amorphous/nanocrystalline FeCrMnN alloys prepared by mechanical alloying and subsequent heat treatment. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 480, 617-624.
  • Sritharan T , Li YB , Xu C , Zhang S. (2008). Oxidation of Al-Au intermetallics and its consequences studied by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Journal of Materials Research, 23, 1371-1382.
  • Xu, C; Sritharan, T; Mhaisalkar, SG. (2007). Thin film aluminum-gold interface interactions. Scripta Materialia, 56, 549-552.
  • Martina Damayanti, Thirumany Sritharan, Subodh Gautam Mhaisalkar, Gan Zhenghao. (2006). Effects of dissolved nitrogen in improving barrier properties of ruthenium. Applied Physics Letters, 88(4), 044101.
  • Zuo Biao, Thirumany Sritharan. (2005). Ordering and grain growth in nanocrystalline Fe75Si25 alloy. Acta Materialia, 53(4), 1233-1239.

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