Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Chng Eng Siong

Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering

Assoc Prof Chng Eng Siong

Asst Prof Chng Eng Siong graduated with BEng (Hons) (1991) and
PhD from the University of Edinburgh (1996),
UK, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
His PhD thesis was "Applications of nonlinear filters with the
linear in parameter structure".

I have worked in the industry for seven years prior to joining
NTU on Jan 2003. Listing in chronological order: From 1996,
Riken (Japan) as post-doc, I2R (formelly ISS, KRDL in Singapore)
as associate member of technical staff responsible to transfer
Apple's speech recognition engine to ISS, senior researcher
in Lernout and Hauspie and finally as research manager in Knowles
Electronics Singapore responsible to microphone array algorithm

Research Interests
Specialisations include: speech and signal processing, microphone arrays and pattern classifications.
Current Projects
  • A Microphone Array with A 3-D Configuration for the I2R Social Robot
  • A Pilot Study of a Computer Assisted Pronounciation Evaluation (CAPE) system for English Learners in Singapore
  • A robust Framework for Data Acquistion, Resourse Management and Configurable Modules in Meeting Environment
  • AI Speech Lab: Automatic Speech Recognition for Public Service
  • Advanced Research in Automatic Speech Recognition
  • Audio Mining Broadcast News
  • Conversational Code-Switch Resource Development, Detection Classifier and Strategy
  • Development of Linguistic Resources and LVCSR for South Asia Languages on KALDI platform (DeKALDI)
  • Local Accent Speech to Text Transcription Engine for MSF
  • Malay Text to Speech Synthesis System
  • Multiling
  • Project MAGOR
  • Project Magor (Project Agreement No. 9011101765)
  • Project Maison
  • SingSpeak: Automating Speech and Humanising Machines
  • Smart Visual Analytics of Unconventional Data
  • Speech Technology Development Programme (Advanced Research in Automatic Speech Recognition)
  • Sub Project 2 - Audio Mining Broadcasting News
  • Sub Project 3 - Conversational Code-Switch Resource Development, Detection Classifier and Strategy
  • The development of processes and SDKs to support the deployment of Speech Recognition and Keyword Spotting Technologies for KLASS Engineering
  • To Develop an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) POC System for Verbatim Transcription of SCDF's 995 Calls and Facilitation of Form Filling Capabilities
Selected Publications
  • Tien-Ping Tan, Xiong Xiao, Enya Kong Tang, Eng Siong Chng, and Haizhou Li. (2009). Oriental COCOSDA 2009: MASS: A Malay Language LVCSR Corpus Resource.
  • L Wang, E.S.Chng and H Li. (2009). Proceedings of 2009 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME 2009): Efficient sparse self-similarity matrix construction for repeating sequence detection.
  • X.Xiao, E.S.Chng, and H.Li. (2008). Normalization of the Speech Modulation Spectra for Robust Speech Recognition. IEEE Transactions on Audio Speech and Language Processing, 16(8), 1662-1674.
  • T.H.Nguyen, E.S.Chng and H.Li. (2008). Interspeech 2008 (Sep08), Brisbane, Australia 2008.: T-Test Distance and Clustering Criterion for Speaker Diarization.
  • R.Tong, B.Ma, H.Li, and E.S.Chng. (2008). Interspeech 2008: Target-Oriented Phone Selection from Universal Phone Set for Spoken Language Recognition.

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