Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof Arijit Khan

Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering

Asst Prof Arijit Khan

Arijit Khan is an assistant professor (tenure track) in the school of Computer Science and Engineering at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His research interests span in the area of big-data, big-graphs, and graph systems. He received his PhD from the Department of Computer Science, University of California, Santa Barbara in 2013. After that, he was a post-doctorate researcher in the Systems Group at ETH Zurich from 2013-2015. Arijit is the recipient of the prestigious IBM PhD Fellowship in 2012-13. He published several papers in premier database and data-mining conferences and journals including SIGMOD, VLDB, TKDE, ICDE, SDM, EDBT, and CIKM. Arijit co-presented tutorials on emerging graph queries, big-graph systems, and uncertain graphs at ICDE 2012, VLDB 2014, VLDB 2015, and served in the program committee of KDD, ICDM, EDBT, WWW, CIKM, ICDE, VLDB, and SIGMOD. Arijit is serving as the co-chair of Big-O(Q) workshop co-located with VLDB 2015.
Research Interests
Big-graphs management and analytics, with a focus on user-friendly, online querying and pattern mining in social and information networks, using scalable algorithms and machine learning techniques.

keywords: big-graphs, big-data, graph-systems, knowledge graphs, uncertain graphs, graph streams, databases, data mining, machine learning, algorithms.
Current Projects
  • Big-Graphs Analytics and Systems: Supporting User-friendly Querying, Uncertainty, and Streaming
  • Human-AI Collaboration for User-Guided Complex Networks Querying and Exploration
  • Influence Maximization in Social Networks: From Reel to Real-World
  • Machine Learning and Data Mining over Dynamic and Stream Networks
Selected Publications
  • Xi Tong Lee, Arijit Khan, Sourav Sen Gupta, Yu Hann Ong, Xuan Liu. (2020). Measurements, analyses, and insights on the entire ethereum blockchain network. The Web Conference 2020.

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