Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof (Adj) Dinh Xuan Quyen

Adjunct Assistant Professor

School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
College of Engineering

Phone: (+65)6592 3071
Office: S2.1-B2-16/17

  • PhD in Physics Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS) Ecole Nor 2007
  • M. Information, Systems and Technology Universite de paris XI 2002
  • B.Physics-Electronics Hanoi University of Education 2000

2002-2007 Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) de Cachan, FRANCE
PhD in physics (Sciences Physiques)

2001-2002 ENS de Cachan and Université de Paris XI, FRANCE
Master of Information, Systems and Technology

2000-2001 ENS de Cachan, FRANCE
Preparation towards French high-level competitive examination for teachers (Agrégation de Physique)

1996-2000 Hanoi University of Education, VIETNAM
Bachelor of Physics-Electronics (Solid-state physics and superconductor)


Thales Solutions Asia Pte Ltd (Research Scientist, R&D Department), Singapore

Deputy-director of CNRS International-NTU-Thales Research Alliance (CINTRA), Singapore

Nanyang Technological University (Adjunct Assistant Professor), Singapore

Georgia Tech – CNRS, Joint International Research Laboratory UMI 2958 (Researcher), France
Research Interests
Micro-Nano Fibres and their sensing applications
Quantum Key Distribution
Fiber-Optic Communications
Current Projects
  • Fiber-photonic Platform with Integrated Whispering Gallery Mode Microsphere Resonator
  • New Multi Functional And Multi Color Hybrid Nano-Emitter
Selected Publications
  • ZHANG Hailiang, WU Zhifang, SHUM Perry Ping, DINH Xuan Quyen, LOW Chun Wah, XU Zhilin, WANG Ruoxu, SHAO Xuguang, FU Songnian, TONG Weijun and TANG Ming. (2017). Highly sensitive strain sensor based on helical structure combined with Mach-Zehnder interferometer in multicore fiber. Scientific Reports, 7, 46633.
  • Y. Di, D. M. Nguyen, C. Soci, X. Q. Dinh, M. Tang and P. P. Shum. (2015). Full Bandwidth Measurement of Supercontinuum Spectral Phase Coherence in Long Pulse Regime. Fiber and Integrated Optics, 34(1-2), 66-75.
  • Duc Minh Nguyen, Yang Di, Cesare Soci, Xuan Quyen Dinh, Ming Tang, Ping Perry Shum. (2014). Four-Wave Mixing and Bragg Scattering in Resonant Seed Modulation Instability in Optical Fiber. CLEO: Conference on Laser and Electro-Optics (San Jose, USA).
  • Dinh Xuan Quyen, Zheshen Zhang and Paul L. Voss. (2009). A 24 km fiber-based discretely signaled continuous variable quantum key distribution system. Optics Express, 17(26), 24244.
  • Dinh Xuan Quyen, R. Alleaume, Liantuan Xiao, F. Treussart, B. Journet and J.-F. Roch. (2006). Intensity noise measurement of strongly attenuated laser diode pulses in the time domain. European Physical Journal-Applied Physics, 35(2), 117.

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