Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof Sara Sandin

Assistant Professor, School of Biological Sciences

Asst Prof Sara Sandin

Sara Sandin (b.1975) is a structural biologist with a long-standing interest in electron microscopy (EM). She studied chemistry (1999-2001) at Stockholm University, Sweden. During this time she had the opportunity to work in Prof. Höglund’s group at Uppsala University with transmission electron microscopy and HIV-1. She obtained a fellowship from the Knowledge Foundation, Sweden to carry out her doctoral research at the Karolinska Institute (2001-2005). Her PhD supervisor was Prof. Skoglund and she worked with cryoEM and electron tomography. She obtained an EMBO long-term fellowship and a MRC career development fellowship for her post-doctoral research work (2006-2011) at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biological (LMB), Cambridge, UK. At LMB she worked in Prof. Rhodes’ group with human telomerase, single particle EM and chromatin. She received a visiting fellowship in 2011 to work at the Salk Institute in Prof. Karlseder’s group and at UCSD in Prof. Ellisman’s laboratory. In November 2012 she became an Assistant Professor at the School of Biological Sciences, NTU Singapore. There she established a new cryoEM laboratory for single particle analysis and correlative imaging of telomeres.
Research Interests
Molecular and cellular imaging
Cancer, genome stability, regulation of telomere length and structure
Electron cryo microscopy, single particle analysis
Correlative light and electron microscopy imaging
Current Projects
  • An electron microscope study into the detailed chormatin structure of the Barr body using miniSOG labeling
  • Assembly and structure of the caveolar coat
  • Beyond The Dot: High-Resolution Correlative Imaging Of Telomeric Chromatin
  • From Atom To Cell Level: Learning About Scale And ComplexityOf Biological Structures
  • Function Of The Polarity-Signaling Network During Epithelial-To-Mesenchymal Transition Studied By Proximity ProteomicsAnd A Zebrafish In Vivo Approach (NIM/03/2016)
  • Phase plate imaging and cryo-EM analysis of macromolecular assemblies
  • Temporal analysis of processing of the Plasmodium falciparum Reticulocyte Binding Proteins Homologues during merozoite invasion
Selected Publications
  • Gabriela Davey, Zenita Adhireksan, Zhujun Ma, Tina Riedel, Deepti Sharma, Sivaraman Padavattan, Daniela Rhodes, Alexander Ludwig, Sara Sandin, Benjamin Murray, Paul Dyson, and Curtis Davey. (2017). Nucleosome Acidic Patch-Targeting Binuclear Ruthenium Compounds Induce Aberrant Chromatin Condensation. Nature Communications, 8(1), 1575.
  • Ludwig A, Nguyen TH, Leong D, Ravi LI, Huan TB, Sandin S, Sugrue RJ. (2017). Caveolae provide a specialized membrane environment for respiratory syncytial virus assembly. Journal of Cell Science, 130(6), 1037-1050.
  • Chua EYD, Sandin S. (2017). Advances in phase plate cryo-EM imaging of DNA and nucleosomes. Nucleus, 44, 275-278.
  • Davies RB, Smits C, Wong AS, Stock D, Christie M, Sandin S, Stewart AG. (2017). Cryo-EM analysis of a domain antibody bound rotary ATPase complex. Journal of Structural Biology, pii: S1047-8477, (17)30013-8.
  • Lim SK, Wong AS, De Hoog HPM, Rangamani P, Parikh A, Nallani M, Sandin S and Liedberg B. (2017). Spontaneous formation of nanometer scale tubular vesicles in aqueous mixtures of lipid and block copolymer amphiphiles. Soft Matter, 13, 1107-1115.

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