Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Chiba Shunsuke

Professor, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences - Division of Chemistry & Biological Chemistry

Prof Chiba Shunsuke

Prof Shunsuke CHIBA is currently in the School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences (CBC) since April 2007. He received his Bachelor degree in Chemistry from Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan) in 2001, Ph.D. degrees from the University of Tokyo in 2006. His research interests include Synthetic Organic Chemistry.
Research Interests
Organic Synthetic Chemistry

1) Development of New synthetic Reactions
2) Synthesis of Natural and Unnatural Products
Current Projects
  • Application of Vinyl Azides for Development of Nitrogen-Transfer Reactions and Bioconjugation Methods
  • Au-Catalyzed Molecular Transformation of Vinyl Azides and Their Derivatives for Construction of Valuable Nitrogen-Containing Molecules
  • Cooper-Catalyzed Aerobic Molecular Transformation Directed Toward Drug Discovery
  • Development of New C-N Bond Formation Reactions by Using 2H-Azirines and Vinyl Azides
  • Development of new synthetic methodologies of nitrogen-containing heterocycles
  • Exploration of More Efficient Routes for Manufacturing of Selected API's
  • Main Group Metal Hydrides for New Sustainable Molecular Transformations
  • New Catalytic Oxidation Processes for Synthesisof Nitrogen-Containing Molecules
  • New Synthesis of Indole and Pyrrole Derivatives from Vinyl Azides and Application to Natural Product Synthesis
  • Novel Rhodium-Catalyzed Asymmetric Arylation Reactions under Aprotic Conditions
  • Novel and Practical Molecular Transformations by Sodium Hydride-Iodide Composites
  • Scalable Photochemistry - From Deep Chemical and Process Understanding to Manufacturing-Scale Reactor Systems
  • Sustainable Olefin Functionalization by Organic Free Radicals for Production of Fine Chemicals
  • Synthesis of Hetero- and Carbocycles by Nucleophilic Substitution at sp2 Carbon
  • Synthesis of Novel Nucleotides for Gene Synthesis
Selected Publications
  • Benjamin Wei-Qiang Hui and Shunsuke Chiba. (2009). Orthogonal Synthesis of Isoindole and Isoquinoline Derivatives from Organic Azides. Organic Letters, 11(3), 729-732.
  • shunsuke Chuba, Koichi Narasaka.(2008). Simple Molecules, Highly Efficient Amination. Chapter B.
  • S Chiba,* Y. -F. Wang, G. Lapointe, and K. Narasaka*. (2008). Synthesis of Polysubstituted N-H Pyrroles from Vinyl Azides and 1,3-Dicarbonyl Compounds. Organic Letters, 10(2), 313-316.

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