Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Richard J Sugrue

Associate Professor, School of Biological Sciences

Assoc Prof Richard J Sugrue

Current Projects
  • Assessing the capacity of H1N1-2009 to development drug resistance by mutation and reassort with influenza A subtypes circulating in Singapore
  • Characterisation and development of immunogical reagents againt the polymerase complex proteins of pH1N1 and avian influenza viruses isolated in Singapore
  • Developing labeling procedures to elucidate the molecular architecture of viruses in infected cells
  • Development of a recombinant subunit vaccine candidate against EMCV isolated from Singapore zoo
  • Electron Microscopy Project
  • Electron Microscopy of viruses
  • Isolation and Genetic Characterisation of a metapneumovirus isolated from pedieriatric patients in Singapore
  • Mechanism And Inhibition Of RNA Virus Replication
  • RNA Silencing Project
  • Survelliance of More Virulent and Drug-Resistant Influenza A Strands in Singapore by High-Throughput Mass Spectrometry
Selected Publications
  • Muhammad Raihan Jumat, Tra Nguyen Huong, Laxmi Iyer Ravi, Rebecca Stanford, Boon Huan Tan, Richard J. Sugrue. (2015). Viperin protein expression inhibits the late stage of respiratory syncyntial virus morphogenesis. Antiviral Research, 114, 11-20.
  • Tra Nguyen Huong, Boon Huan Tan, Richard J. Sugrue.(2015). Protein analysis of purified respiratory syncytial virus particles to identify essential cellular factors involved in virus morphogenesis.. In Richard J. Sugrue(Ed), Methods in molecular biology: Glycovirology protocolsHumana Press.
  • Muhammad Raihan Jumat, Tra Nguyen Huong, Puisan Wong, Liat Hui Loo, Boon Huan Tan, Fiona Fenwick, Geoffrey L. Toms, Richard J. Sugrue. (2014). Imaging analysis of human metapneumovirus-infected cells provides evidence for the involvement of F-actin and the raft-lipid microdomains in virus morphogenesis.. Virology Journal, 11; 2014.
  • Loo, L.H., Tan, B.H., Ng, L.M., Tee, N.W.S., Lin, R.T.P. and Sugrue RJ. (2007). Characterisation of human metapneumovirus isolated from pediatric patients in Singapore. Emerging Infectious Diseases , 13, 1396-1398.
  • Tan BH, Fu JL, Sugrue RJ. (2007). Characterization of the dengue virus envelope glycoprotein expressed in Pichia pastoris. Methods in Molecular Biology, 379, 163-76.

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