Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof Ross Adrian Williams

Assistant Professor

School of Art, Design and Media
College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences

Phone: (+65)6316 8847
Office: ART 4-8

  • D.Mus.A. Rice University 2002
  • M.Mus Rice University 1999
  • BMus(Hons) University of Western Australia 1995
Before coming to NTU Ross Williams was the senior lead instructor in audio production and post-production in the Digital Film and Interactive Media Departments at the Art Institute of New York City. He completed his Masters and Doctorate in Musical Arts at Rice University in Houston, Texas. An Australian born sound designer and composer, Ross has composed and sound designed for theatre, museum installation and award winning independent feature and short films, as well as numerous concert works.
Research Interests
Implementation of audio stimuli to improve effectiveness of Robotic Motor Training to enhance Motor Control in Hemiplegia.

A collaboration with Dr Dylan Edwards, the Director of the Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation and Human Motor Control Laboratory at the Burke Research Institute/ Cornell Medical School in New York. We are investigating the use of sound/music stimuli to improve the outcomes of stroke patients undergoing robotic motor training.

Aesthetics of sound design for fiction narrative, experimental and documentary film. Primarily practise based with a focus on multichannel implementation for desired aesthetic outcomes.

Spatialized sonification of Volcano infrasound: A collaboration (Tier 1) with Asst Prof. Benoit Tainse at the Asian School of the Environment (NTU)

Soundscapes as Cultural Heritage: Particularly urban soundscapes and assessing their potential cultural heritage value.
Current Projects
  • Age of Unreason (Working): Interactive Multimedia Work for Live String Quintet, Abstract Documentary Film Images and Medical Purposed Sound Design
  • Tangible/Intangible: Exploring the possibilities of capturing multi-sensory impressions to create immersive Virtual Reality environments, exemplified with the forking path structure of the Yunnan Garden at NTU.
  • Virtual Reality for the Lost Singaporean Film Pontianak (1957). A Case Study to Explore Virtual Reality Environments for Singapore’s Cinematic Heritage.
Selected Publications
  • Elke Reinhuber, Benjamin Seide, Ross Williams. (2018, October). Be the centre of the universe – strategies and concepts to experience immersive media.. Paper presented at Beyond Symposium. Future Design, ZKM Centre for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany.
  • Elke Reinhuber. (2018). EVA London 2018 Electronic Visualisation of the Arts: The Scale Of Immersion: Different Audio- Visual Experiences Exemplified by the 360° Video »Secret Detours«. EVA London 2018 (pp. 236-243)London: BCS Learning and Development Ltd.
  • Perttu, A., Taisne, B., Williams, R., and Tailpied, D. (2018, April). Quantifying detection capability of a regional infrasound network using a combination of film sound techniques and array processing. Paper presented at European Geophysical Union, Abstract.
  • Elke Reinhuber. (2018, March). Secret Detours: A Garden in Singapore. Paper presented at IEEE VR 2018, Reutlingen, Germany.
  • Perttu, A., Williams, R., Taisne, B. and Tailpied, D. (2017, December). Sound Is Sound: Film sound techniques and infrasound data array processing.. Paper presented at American Geophysical Union, Abstract.

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