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Academic Profile

Asst Prof Pee Loo Geok

Assistant Professor, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information

Asst Prof Pee Loo Geok

LG's research focuses on social informatics of knowledge, ranging from theory to design to implementation of digital information and knowledge practices. She collaborates actively with researchers in other disciplines on problems related to future workforce and sustainability informatics. She has used different, often mixed, research methods in these projects, including survey, interpretive case study, social network analysis, text mining, design science, and action research. As a principal investigator, she has received more than SG$1,300,000 in research funding from government agencies as well as industry partners. She serves on the editorial review board of top information science journals such as International Journal of Information Management and programme committee of conferences such as International Conference on Information Systems. LG has received several best paper awards and COVID-19 Learning Action Award by the Association of Information Systems (AIS).
Research Interests
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Current Projects
  • A Baseline, Cross-Sectional and Intervention Study Investigating Individual, Cultural and Organisational Factors Influencing Ownership of Workplace Health and Safety Leading to a Mindset Change and Actions.
  • CoSIC: Developing a Pedagogical Co-Skilling Framework and Recommender System for School-Industry-Community (SIC) Partnerships
  • Gamification Of Employees' Online Knowledge Sharing
  • Learning Effectiveness of the Knowledge Co-Creation Approach to Ill-Structured Problems
  • Your Knowledge is Needed: The Other-Oriented Function of Knowledge Sharing in Online Communities
Selected Publications
  • L. G. Pee. (2018). Knowledge Embodiment in Healthcare Robots. ACM Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing Conference.
  • L. G. Pee. (2018, January). Learning Effectiveness of the Knowledge Co‐Creation Approach to Ill-Structured  Problems. Paper presented at International  Conference  on  Education.

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