Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Mr Chew Chee Hua, Neumann

Senior Lecturer, College of Business (Nanyang Business School)
Senior Lecturer, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Information Technology & Operations Management

Mr Chew Chee Hua, Neumann

Neumann Chew was previously Principal (Analytics) at U.S. based Analytics software company SAS Institute, where he proposed and developed Analytics solutions for clients across various industries and government agencies.

He had also worked as Statistician, Data Scientist, Research & Statistics Director, and had taught in universities and corporate training programs in Dubai, Singapore, Sydney, and Vietnam. In 2003, he started his first company while waiting for his large scale statistical simulation experiments to be completed for his thesis in Statistics. That's when he developed his first customized Data Mining models for his clients and witnessed the potential and value of Analytics. This is what Statistics and Analytics should be - solutions to real business problems, not just abstract mathematical problems.

Thereafter, he translated models and formulas from Analytics/ Machine Learning/ Data Mining/ Data Science/ Artificial Intelligence research papers into code and application software for his clients.

Currently, he is teaching Business Analytics and finishing his textbook to consolidate more than 15 years of teaching and best-practice first-hand Analytics problem-solution consulting for his students.
Research Interests
1. Analytics
2. Data Science
3. Machine Learning

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