Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Luo Jiang

Associate Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School)

Assoc Prof Luo Jiang

Research Interests
Corporate finance, asset pricing, financial markets, mutual funds
Current Projects
  • An Analysis of Mergers and Acquisitions of Mutual Fund Families: The Determinants and Subsequent Impacts on Fund Investor Interests
  • Budgeting and Compensation in a Speculative Market
  • Financial Market Equilibrium When Information is Asymmetric and Stock Ownership is a Consumption Good
  • Growth and Compensation
Selected Publications
  • Jiang Luo and Zheng Qiao. (2019). Individual commitment and team performance: Evidence from mutual fund managers. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, accepted.
  • Antonio Bernardo, Hongbin Cai, and Jiang Luo. (2016). Earnings vs. stock-priced based incentives to managerial compensation contracts. Review of Accounting Studies, 21, 316-348.
  • Antonio Bernardo, Hongbin Cai, and Jiang Luo. (2009). Motivating entrepreneurial activities in a firm. The Review of Financial Studies, 22, 1089-1118.
  • Antonio Bernardo, James Wang, and Jiang Luo. (2006). A theory of socialistic internal capital markets. Journal of Financial Economics, 80, 485-509.
  • Antonio Bernardo, Hongbin Cai, and Jiang Luo. (2004). Capital budgeting in multi-division firms: Information, agency, and Incentives. The Review of Financial Studies, 17, 739-767.

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