Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Luo Jiang

Associate Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School)

Phone: +65 67904662
Office: S3 01C 75
Assoc Prof Luo Jiang

Research Interests
Corporate finance, asset pricing, financial markets, mutual funds
Current Projects
  • An Analysis of Mergers and Acquisitions of Mutual Fund Families: The Determinants and Subsequent Impacts on Fund Investor Interests
  • Budgeting and Compensation in a Speculative Market
  • Financial Market Equilibrium When Information is Asymmetric and Stock Ownership is a Consumption Good
  • Growth and Compensation
Selected Publications
  • Jiang Luo and Zheng Qiao. (2019). Individual commitment and team performance: Evidence from mutual fund managers. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, accepted.
  • Antonio Bernardo, Hongbin Cai, and Jiang Luo. (2016). Earnings vs. stock-priced based incentives to managerial compensation contracts. Review of Accounting Studies, 21, 316-348.
  • Antonio Bernardo, Hongbin Cai, and Jiang Luo. (2009). Motivating entrepreneurial activities in a firm. The Review of Financial Studies, 22, 1089-1118.
  • Antonio Bernardo, James Wang, and Jiang Luo. (2006). A theory of socialistic internal capital markets. Journal of Financial Economics, 80, 485-509.
  • Antonio Bernardo, Hongbin Cai, and Jiang Luo. (2004). Capital budgeting in multi-division firms: Information, agency, and Incentives. The Review of Financial Studies, 17, 739-767.

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