Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Lars Nordenskiold

Chair, School of Biological Sciences
Professor, School of Biological Sciences

Prof Lars Nordenskiold

Professional Experience
• Post doctoral stay at University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, 1982-1983.
• Faculty appointment at Stockholm University, Division of physical chemistry, 1983-2002.
• Full professor in physical chemistry at Stockholm University, from 2000.
• Professor at School of Biological sciences, NTU, Singapore from 2002.
Research Interests
• Chromatin Biophysics: Electrostatic and Molecular Mechanisms of Chromatin Condensation
• DNA Compaction and Gene Delivery
Current Projects
  • Biophysical Studies of Nucleosome Arrays with Site-Specifically Modified Histone Tails
  • Characterization and understanding of DNA compaction and DNA-peptide/ligand interactions with applications to gene regulation and delivery:Biophysics and computer modelling approaches
  • Cyanobacteria project - (President's office)
  • Developing multi-scale computer simulation models for a complete coarse-grained description of biopolymer assemblies including solvent effects
  • General Biophysics Research
  • Investigation of DNA Photolyase Repair Dynamics in Chromatin Using Ultrafast Spectroscopy
  • Monetary Academic Resources (MAR)
  • Multi-Scale Simulations of Biomolecular Self-Assembly by Inverse Monte Carlo
  • Phase Separation Regulated Life, In and Outside of Cells
  • Self-Assembly and ordered structure of phospholipid complexes with nucleosome and chromatin
  • Singaporean-German Collaboration on Photobiology
  • Solid-state NMR study of heterochromatin maintenance by HP1 protein at telomeres
  • Structural response of chromatin to epigenetic modifications by solid state NMR
  • Synthesis, Biophysical Characterization and Delivery properties of novel peptides for integrin targeting in non viral gene delivery to cancer cells
Selected Publications
  • Y. Yang, A. P. Lyubartsev, N. Korolev, L. Nordenskiold. (2009). Computer modeling reveals that modifications of the histone tail charges define salt-dependent interaction of the nucleosome core particles. Biophysical Journal, 96, 2082-2094.
  • Dandan Huang, Nikolay Korolev, Khee Dong Eom, James P. Tam, Lars Nordenskiold. (2008). Design and biophysical characterization of novel polycationic e-peptides for DNA compaction and delivery. Biomacromolecules, 9, 321-330.
  • L. Dai, YG. Mu, L. Nordenskiold, A. Lapp, and Johan R. C. van der Maarel,. (2007). Charge Structure and Counterion Distribution in Hexagonal DNA Liquid Crystal. Biophysical Journal, 92(3), 947-958.
  • Nikolay Korolev, Olga V. Vorontsova, Lars Nordenskiold. (2007). Physicochemical analysis of electrostatic foundation for DNA-protein interactions in chromatin transformations. Progress in Biophysics & Molecular Biology, 95(1-3), 23-49.
  • Nikolay Korolev, Lars Nordenskiold. (2007). H4 histone tail mediated DNA-DNA interaction and effects on DNA structure, flexibility, and counterion binding: a molecular dynamics study. Biopolymers, 86(5-6), 409-423.

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