Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof Josh Wheatly Keller

Assistant Professor
Division of Strategy, Management and Organisation
College of Business (Nanyang Business School)

Phone: (+65)6790 5784
Office: S3-B2C-97

  • PhD The University of Texas at Austin 2009
  • MBA (Global Bus Mgmt Specialization) The University of Texas at Austin 2003
  • BA (Politics) University of California, Santa Cruz 1994
Asst. Professor Keller received his PhD in Management at the University of Texas at Austin, where he also received his MBA. Before receiving his MBA, he was a manager at three international ventures, including a joint venture between China Unicom and RH Donnelley in the publishing of directories and two Internet startups. Asst Professor Keller has published in top Management journals, including Organization Science and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.
Research Interests
Asst Professor Keller's primary research interest is studying how collectives think about managerial and organizational issues, how to gain strategic insight from how collectives think, and its impact on individual-level and firm-level outcomes. He has borrowed from theories and methods from cognitive scientific disciplines and has used his approach to examine how individuals and firms cooperate, compete, innovate, network, negotiate and lead. He has examined collectives at the societal-level (for example, how Chinese managers think about paradoxical issues and impact on cooperation and competition), and at the industry-level (for example, how entrepreneurs network within their industry).
Current Projects
  • Examining Entrepreneurs' Knowledge of Business Strategy Norms and New Venture Performance using Cultural Consensus Model Analysis in Singapore, Mainland China, Taiwan, the US and Switzerland.
  • How and why culture shapes gender’s effect on negotiation behavior and outcomes.
Selected Publications
  • Keller, J., Loewenstein, J. and Yan, J. (2017). Culture, conditions and paradoxical frames. Organization Studies, forthcoming.
  • Miron-Spektor, Ingram, Keller, Smith and Lewis. (2017). Microfoundations of organizational paradox: the problem is how we think about the problem. Academy of Management Journal, forthcoming.
  • Keller, J. & Lewis, M. (2016). Moving towards a geocentric, polycultural theory of organizational paradox.. Cross Cultural Management, 23(4), 551 - 557.
  • Liu, X., Keller, J., & Hong, Y. (2014). Hiring of Personal Ties: A Consensus Analysis of China and the United States.. Management and Organization Review, .
  • Keller, J., & Wu, C.(2012). Measuring “West Meets East” in Strategic Management Research Using Cultural Consensus Model and Cultural Mixture Model Analyses.. Research Methodology in Strategy and Management Volume 7 - West Meets East: Toward Methodological Exchange:Emerald.

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