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Academic Profile


Isaac Kerlow 柯一笑 has a long career as a pioneer digital artist and independent filmmaker, and his work has been shown internationally. He is currently Artist-in-Residence at the Earth Observatory of Singapore, and arrived to the tropical island in 2005 as Founding Dean of the country’s first professional art and film school. Prof. Kerlow is also the author of several ground-breaking books, including the successful "The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects" published by Wiley, now in its fourth edition, and translated to Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, and Korean, and the pioneering "Computer Graphics for Designers and Artists." His recent film "Mayon: The Volcano Princess" won the Best Concept Award at the United Nations Summit of Environmental Cinema in 2010.

Prof. Kerlow has been honored by SIGGRAPH, the prestigious Computer Graphics association, as one of the Digital Pioneers. Prof. Kerlow’s academic career started in 1985 at Pratt Institute in New York, where he was the founding chairman of the Department of Computer Graphics and Interactive Media and also the youngest-ever tenured full professor at the institution. He is also the founding Dean of the School of Art, Design and Media at NTU (2005-2008), the first professional art school in Singapore to offer BFA degrees.

Some of Prof. Kerlow's recent projects include:

Mayon: The Volcano Princess -- This documentary is about the people who live around the most active and most destructive volcano in The Philippines. The documentary presents how the locals cope with living next to a source of constant danger, and also some of their experiences during deadly volcano disasters such as lahars, pyroclastic flows and eruptions. It also presents some of the ways in which science contributes to the preparedness. The documentary contains interviews with local residents and local officials, as well as an animated recreation of the tragic legend of Princess Magayon.

Sudden Nature -- Media art project about the uneasy relationship between Man and Nature. Sudden Nature includes a 25-minute live action film with striking allegorical imagery and subtitled in 11 languages.

Earth Girl -- This computer game seeks to raise awareness of natural hazards in the region. Earth Girl is a Southeast Asian girl who can save her community from natural hazards. She also fights to preserve the balance between human communities, nature and the natural environment.

People-Coral-Mentawai -- Documentary that presents the people from West Sumatra, and follows a team from the Earth Observatory of Singapore, whose scientific research on coral reefs is helping to be better prepared for the next natural disaster in the region.
Current Projects
  • Art Projects
  • Classroom Companions
  • Communicating Risk
  • Earth Girl
  • Knowledge Capsules
  • Living With Disaster
  • Living With Disaster
  • Merapi Interactive
  • Science Sphere
  • Tsunami Of New Dreams
  • Web-Based GeoTouch

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