Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof Shi Hongyan

Assistant Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Marketing

Asst Prof Shi Hongyan

Hongyan's research interests include Distribution Channel, Product Design, Advertising, Pricing, and Competitive Strategies, with an analytical modeling (mainly game theory) methodology.
Research Interests
Distribution Channel, Product Design, Advertising, Pricing, Competitive Strategies,
Current Projects
  • The Effects of distribution channel structures on firms' product decision
Selected Publications
  • Reza, S., Ho, H., Ling, R., Shi, H. (2020). Experience effect in the impact of free trial promotions. Management Science, 18-May-2020, Published online.
  • Shi, Hongyan, Yunchuan Liu, Nicholas C Petruzzi. (2019). Informative advertising in a distribution channel. European Journal of Operational Research, 274(2), 773-787.
  • Jiang, Baojun, and Hongyan Shi. (2018). Inter-competitor licensing and product innovation. Journal of Marketing Research, 55(5), Equal authorship.
  • Liu Yan, H. Shi, N. C. Petruzzi. (2018). Optimal quality and quantity provisions for centralized vs. decentralized distribution: market size uncertainty effects. European Journal of Operational Research, 265(3), 1144-1158.
  • Shi, H., Y. Liu, N. C. Petruzzi. (2013). Consumer heterogeneity, product quality, and distribution channels. Management Science, 59(5), 1162-1176.

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