Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Hilmi Volkan Demir

Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Professor, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Director, Luminous! Center of Excellence for Semiconductor Lighting and Displays, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)

Prof Hilmi Volkan Demir

Current Projects
  • Emerging Colloidal Quantum Optoelectronics of Solution-Processed Atomically-Flat Nanocrystals
  • Excitonics Science and Technology toward Revolutionary Semiconductor Lighting: Ultra-Efficiency Excitonic Energy Transfer for Next-Generation Lighting and Displays
  • Large Scale Design-based Functional Nanomaterials and Heterostructures: Aim for Sustainability
  • Nanostructured White LEDs of Nanocrystal Quantum Dot Emitters for High Quality Mesopic Solid State Lighting
  • Nanyang Awards 2013
  • Next-Generation Ultralow-cost High-Efficiency Eco-Friendly Lamps
  • Perovskite Optoelectronics: Multidimensional Perovskites For High Performance Solution-Processed Light-Emitting Devices
  • Perovskite Optoelectronics: Multidimensional Perovskites for High Performance Solution-Processed Light-Emitting Devices
  • Pharos Programme On Dielectric Nanoantennas
  • Seed Funding
Selected Publications
  • E. Mutlugün, P. L. Hernandez-Martinez, C. Eroğlu, Y. Coşkun, T. Erdem, V. K. Sharma, E. Ünal, S. K. Panda, S. G. Hickey, N. Gaponik, A. Eychmuller and H. V. Demir. (2013). Large-area (over 50 cm x 50 cm) freestanding films of colloidal InP/ZnS quantum dots. Nano Letters, 12(3986).
  • T. Otto, M. Mueller, P. Mundra, V. Lesnyak, H. V. Demir, N. Gaponik and A. Eychmuller. (2012). Colloidal Nanocrystals Embedded in Macrocrystals: Robustness, Photostability, and Color Purity. Nano Letters, 12.
  • H. V. Demir, S. Nizamoǧlu, T. Erdem, E. Mutlugun, N. Gaponik, A. Eychmuller. (2011). Quantum dot integrated LEDs using photonic and excitonic color conversion. Nano Today, .
  • Seker UOS, Ozel T., Demir HV. (2011). Peptide-Mediated Constructs of Quantum Dot Nanocomposites for Enzymatic Control of Nonradiative Energy Transfer.. Nano Letters, 11(4), 1530-1539.
  • T. Ozel, S. Nizamoglu, M. A. Sefunc, O. Samarskaya, I. O. Ozel, E. Mutlugun, V. Lesnyak, N. Gaponik, A. Eychmuller, S. V. Gaponenko, and H. V. Demir. (2011). Anisotropic Emission from Multilayered Plasmon Resonator Nanocomposites of Isotropic Semiconductor Quantum Dots. ACS Nano, 5.

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