Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof Frantisek Kratochvil

Assistant Professor
Linguistics and Multilingual Studies
School of Humanities
College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences

Phone: (+65)63168961
Office: HSS-03-53

  • PhD (Ling) Leiden University 2007
  • MA (Dutch Lang & Lit) University of Nijmegen 2002
Dr František Kratochvíl joined the Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies (School of Humanities and Social Sciences) in September 2010.

František obtained his PhD in Linguistics from Leiden University (the Netherlands) in 2007 for a grammatical description of Abui, a non-Austronesian (Papuan) language of Alor (Eastern Indonesia).

After the completion of his PhD research, he joined the Research Centre for Linguistic Typology at La Trobe University, where he was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship. He continued his research on Abui and started research on Sawila and Suboo (both are Papuan languages of Alor).

In September 2009, František took up a lecturer position in the Department of English Language and Literature at Hong Kong Baptist University.

František is the author of three books, a number of articles and book chapters. He served as a reviewer for Oceanic Linguistics and John Benjamins.
Research Interests
Papuan and Austronesian linguistics, Linguistic typology, Morphology, Grammaticalization, Verbal semantics, Stance, Deixis and Space (including Toponymy), Historical Linguistics, Malay, Indonesian
Research Grant
  • Academic Research Fund Tier 2 (2014-)
  • MOE Tertiary Education Research Fund (2017-) [by MOE]
Current Projects
  • Abui Tales of Origin
  • Documentation and Analysis of Endangered Papuan Languages of Alor-Pnatar Archipelago, Southeast Indonesian
  • Documentation of Zhongshan Min: Sustainability of dialectal islands in modernizing China
  • Evaluating the Practical Side of Learning Comedy: Creativity, Collaboration and Communication
  • Exploring the crossroads of linguistic diversity: language contact in S.E. Asia
  • Grammar Matrix Reloaded: Syntax and Semantics of Affectedness
  • Intergenerational and spatial cohesion of non-hierarchical language systems
  • Toponymy and Language Shift: Aspects of Language Change in South-East Asia
Selected Publications
  • Perono Cacciafoco, Francesco, Cavallaro, Francesco and Kratochvíl, František. (2017). Abui Landscape Names: Origin and Functions. Onoma: Journal of the International Council of Onomastic Sciences, .
  • Boban Arsenijević, František Kratochvíl, and Joanna Sio Ut Seong. (2016). Equative and Simulative Demonstratives in Sinitic and Beyond. The 15th International Symposium on Chinese Languages and Linguistics (IsCLL-15).
  • Morgado da Costa, Luis, Bond, Francis, and Kratochvíl, František. (2016). Linking and Disambiguating Swadesh Lists: Expanding the Open Multilingual Wordnet Using Open Language Resources. Globalex 2016 – Lexicographic Resources for Human Language Technology.
  • František Kratochvíl and Luis Morgado da Costa. (2016, January). Extending lexical resources for Abui, a Papuan language – an update. Paper presented at 2nd Wordnet Bahasa Workshop: expanding to other South-East Asian languages, Nanyang Technological University, January 15-16, 2016.
  • Kratochvíl, František and Benidiktus Delpada. (2015). Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Information Structure of Austronesian Languages: Definiteness and specificity in Abui. Second International Workshop on Information Structure of Austronesian Languages (pp. 179-208)Tokyo: Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

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