Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Liu Aiqun

Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Prof Liu Aiqun

Current Projects
  • 3D Photonic Waveguide Array for Post-Quantum Cryptography with Quantum Walk
  • Acoustophoretic Microfluidic System For Microbial Preconcentration And Fractionation (IDD 90301/1/31)
  • BRain-Efficient Nanomechanical Artificial Intelligence Computing (BRENAIC)
  • EEE AcRF Tier 3 Lab renovation
  • High throughput label-free flow cytometry based on multiplex Raman spectroscopy
  • Novel Fano type and Asymmetric Metallic Nanostructures for Non-Intrusive in Vivo Imaging Monitoring
  • Optofluidic Nano-Cytometer for Virus Purification, Sorting And Quantification As An Assistive Toolkit for Virus Diagnosis
  • Quantum Topological Devices and 3D Nanophotonic Integration
  • The Integrated Optofluidic System for Fast E. Coli Detection in Drinking Water
Selected Publications
  • Y. Z. Shi, S. Xiong, Y. Zhang, L. K. Chin, J. H. Wu, T. N. Chen, A. Q. Liu. (2018). PROCEEDINGS OF SPIE Proceedings Volume 10723, Optical Trapping and Optical Micromanipulation XV; 107231Y (2018): Controllable particle hopping in optofluidic lattice for antibody screening and binding efficiency measurement. SPIE OPTICS + PHOTONICS (pp. 107231Y1-5)SPIE Nanoscience + Engineering, 2018, San Diego, California, United States: SPIE.
  • Y.Z. Shi, S. Xiong, Y. Zhang, L.K. Chin, Y.–Y. Chen, J.B. Zhang, T.H. Zhang, W. Ser, A. Larson, L.S. Hoi, J.H. Wu, T.N. Chen, Z.C. Yang, Y.L. Hao, B. Liedberg, P.H. Yap, D.P. Tsai, C.-W. Qiu & A.Q. Liu. (2018). Sculpting nanoparticle dynamics for singlebacteria-level screening and direct bindingefficiency measurement. Nature Communications, 9, DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-03156-5.
  • Yuzhi Shi, Sha Xiong, Lip Ket Chin, Jingbo Zhang, Wee Ser, Jiuhui Wu, Tianning Chen, Zhenchuan Yang, Yilong Hao, Bo Liedberg, Peng Huat Yap, Din Ping Tsai, Cheng-Wei Qiu, Ai Qun Liu. (2018). Nanometer-precision linear sorting with synchronized optofluidic dual barriers. Science Advances, 4, eaao0773.
  • Y. Z. Shi, S. Xiong, L. K. Chin, J. B. Zhang, W. Ser, J. H. Wu, T. N. Chen, Z. C. Yang, Y. L. Hao and A. Q. Liu. (2018). Determination of size and refractive index of single gold nanoparticles using an optofluidic chip. AIP Advances, 7(9).
  • Y. Z. Shi, S. Xiong, L. K. Chin, J. H. Wu, T. N. Chen and A. Q. Liu. (2017). Particle trapping and hopping in an optofluidic fishnet. SPIE Optics and Photonics.

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