Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof Davide Benvenuti

Assistant Professor

School of Art, Design and Media
College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences

Phone: (+65)6513 8245
Office: ART 2-4

  • M.Arch. (Technological) Universita' Degli Studi Di Firenze 1995
Ass Professor since january 2013
A classically trained animator accomplished in 2D animation, with practical training and experience in 3D developed at Dreamworks Studio, Los Angeles.
Currently holding the position of Ass. Professor at NTU in the ADM school of art design and media. Previously engaged as a 3D Senior animator at Ubisoft in Singapore .
Before coming to Singapore also engaged as Senior Animator at Disneytoon Studios in Sydney, proficient in Maya animation tools Photoshop and MotionBuilder. University educated with distinction and possessing demonstrated competency at developing, organizing, and running seminars on animation in Australia and overseas. Seeking to expand 3D experience relating to all aspects of character animation, particularly in the areas of rigging and modeling and animation.
key achievements
Secured a senior animator role at Ubisoft Singapore in 2008
Par time teacher at Nanyang Technology University in Singapore since 2007 till 2013
Received special credit for the character “Myrtle” in “Lilo & Stitch 2”. Worked autonomously on the character creation, overseeing the work of the cleanup team in relation to character and scene cleanup. Consistently exceeded the work quotas placed on individual animators by Disneytoon Studios which contributed to the studio’s ability to meet tight production schedules. Increased staff awareness and understanding of animation related issues by organizing and conducting forums at Disneytoon studios, topics included:
lip-sync and realistic speech of animated characters using animation and live action examples approaches and methodologies for handling long scenes, i.e., those taking a week or more to do “good and bad animation” - over-acting, inherent acting problems and animation that is too subtle sharing studio experiences - technical difficulties using Dreamworks’ “Spirit” as an example clean-up department specific talk - focusing on the character of Hook from “Return to Neverland” animation team specific talk - how to draw Minnie for the 3 musketeers
Expanded student’s knowledge of classical animation by presenting seminars for second and final year students at the Cinema National School at Turin in July 2003 and again in July 2004 Developed the professional animation network by organizing a week long seminar on classical animation at Studio Tiptoe in Turin in June 2002. The professionals in attendance came from across Italy to participate in the seminar which expanded on the topic presented in the previous year. Completed training and experience in 3D with a Dreamworks feature animation in 2002 Supported the professional animation network by organizing a week long seminar on classical animation for a group of 15 professionals from across Italy at Studio4 in Florence in June 2001.
Attained a master degree in Architecture with academic mark of 110/110 (cum laude) at Florence University’s Faculty of Architecture. Thesis topic – Industrial Design and Computer Animation
Ubisoft Singapore 2012-2008 Senior animator
Assassin Creed 3(core developing team)
Assassin Creed Revelation Untitled Rabbit Project(core developing team) Assassin Creed 2 Prince of Persia Forgotten sands TMT turtle re-shell STE Digital Media Singapore 2007-2008 Nelvana Lip sink supervisor senior animator The future is wild semester
Dreamworks feature animation 2000 till2002 animation for" Simbad Legend of the seven seas" and "Sprit stallion of the Cimarrron"
Diasney animation Australia 1995 till 2000 and 2002 till 2006 Credit on various movies full list
Research Interests
Character Animation 3D and 2D
Animation tools development and new interface
Real time rendering and animation
Game engine development and improvement
Motion capture techniques and applications
Non realistic rendering and animation
Current Projects
  • Creatures of the Future Past: Revaluation and Reinvention of Cartoons in Real Time 3D Animation Context
  • Ronald Searle (1920-2011) From Singapore to the world: how a master of the graphic arts influenced animation design in the 20's century and beyond.
  • Ronald Searle Reinvented and Analyzed in the Context of Contemporary Animation and New Animation Tools Development for 2D Production

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